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;r I <br /> Target Store,Downtown Minneapolis <br /> The University of Notre Dame School of Architecture ft <br /> The City of South Bend Department of Community and Economic Development <br /> present a FREE lecture: <br /> BIG-BOX RETAIL IN DENSE DOWNTOWNS <br /> 7:00 PM <br /> Tuesday, April 12 at Century Center, Hall C North <br /> Downtown South Bend <br /> Interested in downtown revitalization? <br /> Like to see what big box retailers are doing to relocate in dense urban <br /> downtowns? <br /> Wonder if urban centers benefit from large retail developments? <br /> Big retailers known for giant stores in suburbs are resizing stores, reformatting layouts and <br /> remixing merchandise to move their stores into urban environments. This lecture will showcase <br /> a big-box retailer's attempt to successfully cater to a changing trend. <br /> Developer Jim Ryan and architect Mic Johnson will discuss their work with the Target <br /> Corporation to adapt the retailer's formula to downtown Minneapolis. Their talk will include <br /> adapting suburban retail to urban environments, increased marketing possibilities with having <br /> Target stores in pedestrian traffic areas, and the challenges and opportunities of operating a big- <br /> box store in an urban environment. <br /> Jim Ryan is Chief Executive Officer of Ryan Companies US, Inc. based in Minneapolis that <br /> specializes in design-build and development and Mic Johnson is the Design Principal at RSP <br /> Architects, Minneapolis. <br /> For more information on this FREE lecture, including short biographies of the speakers, visit <br /> the City Plan website at: <br />