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SOUTH BEND JUMP STARTS ANNUAL YARD WASTE PROGRAM Page 1 of 2 <br /> � v%• 'Building a 21St Century City " <br /> ' rs Stephen J. Luecke, Mayor <br /> RELEASE FROM: FOR RELEASE: <br /> MAYOR STEPHEN J. LUECKE'S OFFICE THURSDAY,APRIL 7, 2005 <br /> SOUTH BEND JUMP STARTS ANNUAL YARD WASTE PROGRAM <br /> The City of South Bend's Yard Waste program will officially begin on April 18.At that time yard waste will be <br /> collected weekly, on the regular day for trash pickup. <br /> In addition, the Division of Environmental Services is providing a jump start for the program to assist City <br /> residents in clearing out accumulated yard waste right now. Two Solid Waste trucks are working daily <br /> collecting yard waste as they travel around the city, through April 15. Residents may also call in their specific <br /> address for yard waste pickup at 277-8823. <br /> As always, yard waste should be kept separated from regular trash, and should be placed at curbside. <br /> Again, beginning April 18, yard waste pickup will occur weekly throughout the summer and fall on regular <br /> trash pickup days. <br /> Mayor Luecke encourages all residents to partner with the City to protect and conserve our environmental <br /> resources. South Bend's yard waste is recycled at the City's Organic Resources Facility, thereby diverting <br /> this material from our community's landfill and providing quality mulch for reuse. <br /> Recycled mulch is available at Organic Resources, which is located at 4340 Trade Dr., off of Nimtz Parkway <br /> just '/4 mile west of Bendix Dr. Organic Resources is open 8:00 AM to 3:45 PM, Monday through Friday. <br /> Mulch & compost are available for free if you self-load, or if you request assistance with loading, a minimal <br /> sliding scale fee will be applied. Please call 287-6841 for more information. <br /> For more information, please contact Jack Dillon, Director of Environmental Services, at 277-8515. <br /> 2005/040705 YardWaste.htm 1/13/2006 <br />