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Page 1 of 2 <br /> � v%• 'Building a 21St Century City " <br /> ' rs Stephen J. Luecke, Mayor <br /> RELEASE FROM: FOR RELEASE: <br /> Office of the Mayor April 13, 2005 <br /> OUR DREAM IS BECOMING A REALITY! <br /> The Morris Performing Arts Center not only has the HOTTEST tickets to great acts, it has the very generous <br /> support of its community who have donated over$ 750,000 towards the Morris Entertainment, Ines goal of <br /> building a new "state of the art" marquee. Morris Entertainment, Inc. serves as the advisory board to the <br /> Morris Performing Arts Center administration and has long fostered a strong commitment in their efforts to <br /> restore the Morris to its beauty and grandeur. <br /> The Morris, which seats 2,501 patrons, is handicap accessible and is a rental facility. The Morris continues <br /> to be listed among the top '50 Theater Venues' in the nation with 2,500 seats or less, according to Pollstar, <br /> a nationally recognized industry publication! In addition to national ratings, for the past three years our <br /> community has continually ranked the Morris Performing Arts Center as the best theater in the South Bend <br /> Tribune's Readers' Choice Award and this year the Morris earned further recognition in WNDLI Viewers' <br /> Choice Award for favorite concert venue. These rankings help attract new business and supports continued <br /> business from promoters, agents and artists throughout the country. Because the Morris relies on promoters <br /> to keep bringing great events to its stage, the promoters who lease the theater must experience a positive <br /> return on their investment. The promoters need to sell more seats to our events which calls for more <br /> advertising and this is where a new "state of the art" marquee will help. <br /> In our industry it is generally found that marquee advertising generates up to 20% of an audience and <br /> provides either first hand knowledge of an event or reinforces other forms of media advertising and word of <br /> mouth news. According to Dennis J. Andres, executive director of the Morris Performing Arts Center, "We <br /> would like to have more sell-out houses as that will help bring more promoters and shows to the Morris and <br /> the new marquee is key in this endeavor". On a daily basis we have the potential of over 100,000 people <br /> viewing information provided on the new marquee as the traffic flow collectively traveling north on St. <br /> Joseph, west on Colfax and LaSalle streets averages 48,000 vehicles per day[l]. Due to its tremendous <br /> deterioration, the marquee that once adorned the face of the Morris was removed and destroyed in the late <br /> 1950's. Much work has gone into restoring and renovating the Morris to return the inside to the splendor of <br /> its glory years. Due to the tremendous support from private citizens, a "state of the art" Morris Marquee <br /> complete with large computer controlled full color LED display areas will now become a reality and will be <br /> installed on the face of the building to market the events at the Morris and help to build a sustaining <br /> audience for many years to come. <br /> For further information please contact Dennis J.Andres, Executive Director, Morris Performing Arts <br /> Center 235-5603; Linda Doshi, President, Morris Entertainment, Inc. 259-3398; or Margaret King, <br /> Secretary and Chair of Fundraising Committee, Morris Entertainment, Inc. 232-3401 <br /> 2005/041305 morris.htm 1/13/2006 <br />