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<br />South Bend Continues Loose Leaf, Yard Waste, & Christmas Tree PickupPage 1of 2 <br />st <br />"Building a 21 Century City " <br />Stephen J. Luecke, Mayor <br />RELEASE FROM:FOR RELEASE: <br />Office of the MayorThursday, January 12, 2006 <br />South Bend Continues Loose Leaf, Yard Waste, & Christmas Tree Pickup <br />The Mayor announced today that City crews are capitalizing on the great weather and continuing South <br />Bend’s wintertime Clean City Initiative. The City will continue to collect loose leaves, bagged or bundled yard <br />waste, and discarded, natural Christmas trees on a call-in basis. <br />Residents are urged to take advantage of the warmer weather by raking any leftover leaves to the curb for <br />recycling. The number to call for loose leaf or Christmas tree pickup, by the Bureau of Streets, is 235-9244. <br />Yard waste and bagged leaf pickup is also available by calling the Bureau of Solid Waste 277-8823. <br />Crews have completed three rounds of the entire city during 2005’s Operation ReLeaf, and collected over <br />69,000 cubic yards of leaves. That is the equivalent of a one-foot thick, three-foot high wall that stretches <br />from South Bend to the northwest side of Chicago! These leaves have been diverted from our landfill and <br />will be converted into high quality compost – Environmental Services estimates that this year’s collection will <br />yield approximately 10,000 cubic yards of compost! <br />Crews have also completed one round of Christmas tree pickup, collecting over 2,000 trees, or about 75% <br />of the total collected last year. Trees are shredded as they are collected. Shredding trees onsite is one of <br />many ways the City is working to reduce labor and fuel costs, while still providing a high level of services to <br />its residents. <br />All trees and yard waste are recycled at Organic Resources to produce high quality mulch and compost, as <br />part of South Bend’s proactive environmental stewardship. Mulch and compost will be available at Organic <br />Resources this spring. The mulch is free for South Bend residents. <br />The City thanks all residents for their help to make South Bend a Clean, Safe City! Residents are reminded <br />to please use the following guidelines when collecting material for pickup: <br />Loose Leaf Pickup Guidelines: <br />Please rake leaves to the curb line but avoid raking them into the street, as this will plug the street <br />drains, causing them to flood. <br />DO NOT allow children to play in leaf piles! <br />Do not park on top of or in front of leaf piles along curb lines. A vehicle left running while parked over <br />leaves could create enough heat to ignite a fire. <br />Do not contaminate leaf piles by putting in sticks, trash, and other debris. We will not pick these piles up <br />and it will be the property owner’s responsibility to dispose of contaminated piles (we will not come back <br />to these piles). <br />Yard Waste Guidelines <br /> <br /> <br />