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<br /> <br /> <br /> <br />Office of the Mayor <br /> <br />MEDIA ADVISORY <br />Wednesday, March 30, 2011 <br />2:30 pm <br /> <br />Contact: Mikki Dobski, Director of Communications & Special Projects, 235-5855 or 876-1564 <br /> Sam Hensley, Director of Streets, 235-9244 <br /> Andre Price, Bureau of Solid Waste 277-8823 <br /> <br />Spring Releaf & yard waste pick-up begins in South Bend <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />SPRING RELEAF <br />Spring ReLeafbeginning <br />The City of South Bend will offer the annual program <br />Monday, April 4 and running through April 15.The program will be offered, on a call-in <br /> <br />basis only. <br />The Division of Streets is working on general clean-up, around the city, especially given <br />the after effects of the major winter snow storms this year. Crews are sweeping and cleaning <br />main arterial streets and will move on to residential areas next. “This is also a good time to <br />pickup leaves that were not able to be collected at the end of the season, last year,” stated Sam <br />Hensley, Director of Streets. “We would like to complete the Spring ReLeaf program, which is <br />an important part of South Bend’s Clean City effort, as we also work to clean up the sand and <br />brine remaining from the winter storms so that we have a clean, bright city as the spring season <br />arrives.” <br /> Mayor Luecke also noted that “the call-in pickup is the most efficient means for leaf <br />pickup and helps to conserve fuel and keep down costs for labor and vehicle maintenance.” <br />“South Bend residents did a great job with leaf clean-up last year and we were able to recycle all <br />of these leaves and avoid adding them to area landfills thanks to our program at Organic <br />Resources.” <br />-more- <br /> <br />