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OFFICE OF THE MAYOR <br />MEDIA RELEASE <br />Tuesday, February 15, 2011 <br />9:30 am <br />Contact: Carl Littrell, City Engineer, (574) 235 -9251 <br />Mikki Dobski, Communications & Special Projects, (574)235 -5855, 876 -1564 <br />Final phase of Northside Trail moving <br />forward <br />South Bend, IN: Plans for connecting South Bend's river walk system to Mishawaka <br />continue to move forward. The preferred alternative for the final phase of Northside <br />Trail, a multi - purpose path along Northside Boulevard from 26th Street to Logan Street, <br />has been chosen. Throughout 2010, the City solicited comments through focus group <br />meetings and the City's website regarding four (4) alternatives for the route. With the <br />assistance of consulting engineer, Lawson - Fisher Associates P.C., the City has selected <br />Alternative No. 2 as best meeting the purpose and need of the project. <br />The project design is charged with meeting "City Plan" and River Park <br />Neighborhood Association goals: <br />• Promote recreation by creating new park facilities and recreation opportunities <br />(City Plan) <br />• Provide access to St. Joseph River and views (City Plan) <br />• Maintain trees as much as possible (City Plan) <br />• Provide traffic calming on neighborhood streets (City Plan) <br />• Preserve, maintain, improve local parks and river corridor (RPNA) <br />• Outreach — promote RPNA resources (RPNA) <br />• Promote safety and crime prevention (RPNA) <br />• Architecture — "green," safety and beauty (RPNA) <br />The alternative was selected after meeting with the public in March, 2010 to seek <br />input on design features and subsequent meetings with a River Park neighborhood- centric <br />focus group. During this process, a scoring matrix was developed to show how each <br />alternative met the above goals and project specific needs such as Nuner School safety <br />