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<br /> <br />Press Release <br />Wednesday June 16, 2010 <br />For more information, contact Karen Ainsley, Executive Director, NNN Inc. @ (574) 232-9182 or <br /> <br /> <br />NNN Garden Walk 2010 <br />Come see what’s blooming in South Bend’s near northwest neighborhood <br /> <br />SOUTH BEND — The Near Northwest Neighborhood, Inc. (NNN) welcomes you to Garden Walk <br />2010 on Saturday, July 17, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. <br />Twenty unique outdoor spaces will be on display, reflecting the creativity and ingenuity of the <br />residents of one of South Bend’s oldest and most distinctive neighborhoods. <br />Garden Walk will feature practical vegetable gardens and lively, colorful perennial beds, nurtured <br />by longtime and newbie gardeners alike. Visitors will be inspired by what they’ll see — and <br />probably leave with a few ideas for their own back yards. The event is a fundraiser for the NNN, a <br />not-for-profit group committed to revitalizing South Bend’s near northwest section. <br />Here’s just a peek at what you’ll find: <br />One gardener, inspired by a book that offers ideas for creating a "sanctuary garden," has built a <br />special outdoor space, taking a huge but unattractive yard (a weedy back yard and double-lot <br />side yard surrounded by a chain-link fence) and transformed it into a sacred and welcoming <br />refuge, filled with ornamental trees and perennials. <br />This longtime gardener, who learned a lot from time spent as a youngster helping his <br />grandmother care for a double lot bordered in flower beds, has created a garden filled with <br />perennial flowers gathered from friends and neighbors. But his special place is the bed of <br />boxwoods in the backyard that has the feeling of an outdoor room. <br />A newer garden started by accident — literally — after a huge oak tree dropped a sizeable <br />branch into a side yard, miraculously causing minimal damage. After the tree was removed, the <br />homeowner surveyed the big mess left behind, decided she couldn’t make it much worse, and <br />began digging and planting. Two years later, she’s still digging and planting. <br />Garden Walk tickets are $10 in advance and may be purchased at Martin’s Super Markets or the <br />NNN offices. (1007 Portage Avenue) <br />Tickets are $12 the day of the event at the Welcome Tent at the Near Northwest Neighborhood, <br />Inc. (NNN) (NNN, Corner of Portage and California) Free parking and maps available at the <br />Welcome Tent. <br /> <br />