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.. <br />PRESS CONFERENCE <br />NEW5 RELEASE <br />~~y 2G, 2010 9:00 ANI <br />301 North Lafayette,_ South Bend <br />South Bend Cornman Council <br />South Bend Business ®wner Voiuntaril~ Removing K2, Spice & "Fake P®t" <br />.From Their Store Shelves <br />Contact: Council Member Derek D. Diet~~°, Council President 532-2200 or 23S-59c42 <br />Crjutzcil Member Kare~z L. White, Health and Public Safety Chair person 520-4477 or 235-5985 <br />Since the May 19t~' City Council Press Release calling for pro-active measures to limit the availability of K2, <br />Spice and related ``fake marijuana" products from being sold in the City of South Bend, business owners are <br />starting to step up to voluntarily pull such projects from their store shelves. <br />South Bend Council President Derek Dieter and Council Member at Large Karen White, who chairs the <br />Council's Health and Public Safety Committee, met today with the owner of Always Open convenience store, <br />Mr. Goldy Singh, who operates a store located at 301 North Lafayette in South Bend. <br />Mr. Singh has voluntarily removed all products from sale which contain any of the new synthetic marijuana-like <br />products being sold. Mr. Singh has called for other business owners to pull similar products from their store <br />shelves. He credited members of the South Bend Police Department for making him aware of the potential <br />dangers of such using such products. <br />`'Fake marijuana'' products are currently being marketed go under many names---- K2, Spice, Genie, Zohai, <br />Blaze, Red X Dawn, Spice Gold, Spice Diamond, Yucatan Fire, Mr. Smiley- aro just some now on sale. <br />Council Members White and Dieter noted that many other communities are taking emergency measures to ban <br />such sales, since many State Legislatures are not now in session. They are reaching out to business leaders <br />across the city and county to work with them in voluntarily removing these items. They noted: <br />.c~Ith SCl?~Oal SO(311~ f0 hL' Ozlt f0T" ll1L' StLJ91772e]', Otl1" J1pLlth 11%l~~ ~IaVG' 171fJ1'G fL77YL' Ol? 1~~G'11" 11C177L~S. ~dIC~? ~.fClhC <br />n~czrijuana" pt°oducts crre becon~irag increasingly ~opaala~°, cspecr.'crlly czmon~ oic~~ youth. Their h~arr~ifirl side-effects <br />are not well-knvwrz or ~~ublicizeci. As long as these proda~cts remain icnT°egarlcated in Indiaiaca, we must raise <br />away°encss i~z our conarnunity. We rna~st reach nirt since usc~°s of theseprrodtccts could !3e taking significant risks to <br />thernsel~~cs and other°s ". We are calling upn1~ the St..Iose~,~la County Healtda Depcrrtr~aent, our local hospitals, <br />coracesrrcd citizens, barsdr~ess owners cr_rrd school ]eade~s to work with us. " <br />They credited members of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Sr. Men's Club for initially raising awareness about these <br />products. The Council will be reviewing reports from many communities who have passed emergency local <br />legislation, based on the reported health and public safety concerns about these over-the-counter products_ <br />Legislation being studied include St. Charles County, Missouri; Aplena, Missouri; Union, Missouri; Pacific, <br />Missouri; St. Clair, Missouri; and Washington, Missouri. Greenwood, Arkansas; Oakland County, Michigan; <br />Lake Orion, Michigan; are looking into similar local bans. <br />The public is invited to speak out on this growing community issue next Thursday, June 3, 2010 a# 5 p.~xt. at a <br />Council Health & Public Safety Committee scheduled in the Council Chambers in downtown South Bend. <br />