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<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />Office of the Mayor <br /> <br />NEWS RELEASE <br /> <br />May 26, 2010 <br />5 A.M. <br /> <br />South Bend tops Indiana cities in bicycle commuting <br /> <br />Contact: <br />Mikki Dobski, Director of Communications & Special Projects, 235-5855 or 876-1564 <br /> <br />or Chris Dressel, Bicycle Coordinator, 235-9371 <br /> <br />In a Bike to Work Week ceremony today to formally open the city’s first downtown <br />bicycle lanes, Mayor Stephen J. Luecke announced that South Bend became Indiana’s <br />leading city for commuting by bicycle, according to 2008 U.S. Census statistics. <br /> <br />th <br />South Bend also ranks 6 in the Midwest behind mostly college towns – Minneapolis, <br />th <br />Madison, Wis., Ann Arbor, Mich., Champaign, Ill., and Iowa City, Iowa – and 36 <br />among the 453 largest U.S. cities. <br /> <br />Members of the South Bend area bicycling community greeted the achievement by riding <br />new downtown bicycle lanes along much of Colfax Avenue during the morning rush <br />hour. The news conference was part of an organic blueberry pancake breakfast hosted by <br />the LaSalle Grill on the 100 block of West Colfax for Michiana Bike to Work Week. <br /> <br />In addition, members of the Bike Michiana Coalition presented the mayor with a $2,500 <br />check to underwrite the cost of painting bike lanes along Colfax, one of the first bike-lane <br />priorities identified by bicycle commuting advocates. <br /> <br />According to the Census Bureau’s 2008 American Community Survey, an estimated 2.29 <br />percent of South Bend commuters traveled to work by bicycle in 2008 – a percentage that <br />exceeds national averages, including for cities designated as “Bicycle Friendly <br />Communities.” The 993 South Bend residents who used a bicycle to get to work <br />surpassed every other Hoosier city except Indianapolis, whose 1,125 cyclists represented <br />only 0.30 percent of the capital city’s workforce. Bloomington’s 1.84 percent was the <br />state’s second highest. <br /> <br />-more- <br />Pg. 2. <br /> <br />