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<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />Office of the Mayor <br /> <br />NEWS RELEASE <br />May 7, 2010 <br />2 p.m. <br /> <br />Connecting communities: Riverside and Darden trails <br /> <br />Contact: <br />Mikki Dobski, Director of Communications & Special Projects, 235-5855 or 876-1564 <br /> <br />The newest segment of the City of South Bend’s 3.4-mile Riverside Trail was formally <br />dedicated today in a ceremony marking its connection via the 1885 landmark Darden <br />Road Bridge with St. Joseph County’s new 0.81-mile trail along Darden Road. <br /> <br />South Bend’s Riverwalk system, a key part of the first-ever Bike the Bend ride on May <br />23, now totals 10.31 miles with design under way on a final 1-mile segment to link with <br />Mishawaka’s 2.75-mile Riverwalk. <br /> <br />“These multipurpose trails epitomize intergovernmental cooperation,” said Mayor <br />Stephen J. Luecke, who shared a ride at today’s news conference on a tandem bicycle <br />with Mishawaka Mayor Jeff Rea. “The federal government provides 80 percent of the <br />funding to support local government initiatives, while local governments collaborate to <br />ensure that these trails connect as they do at the Darden Road Bridge.” <br /> <br />About the Riverside Trail: <br />Length: 3.4 miles Width: 10 feet <br />? <br /> <br />Phase 1: Angela Boulevard to Oakwood Boulevard, 1.7 miles <br />? <br /> <br />Phase 2: Oakwood Boulevard to Darden Road, 1.7 miles <br /> <br />Cost: $3.45 million (80 percent covered by U.S. Department of Transportation grants; 20 <br />percent by City of South Bend funds) <br />?? <br /> <br />Phase 1: $1.79 million Phase 2: $1.66 million <br /> <br />Amenities: Overlooks are featured at Beale Street, Keller Park boat launch, Keller Park, Sherman <br />Street, Academy Boulevard, Northview Drive, just south of Viking Drive, and at the Indiana <br />Department of Natural Resources’ Public Access Boat Launch at the Darden Pedestrian Bridge. These <br />areas include benches and planting beds. <br />-more- <br /> <br />