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SOUTH BEND BOARD OF PARK COMMISSIONERS <br />REGULAR MEETING <br />MAY 27, 2015 <br />The Board of Park Commissioners of the Park District of the City of South Bend, Indiana met on <br />May 27, 2015 at the O'Brien Administration & Recreation Center, 321 E. Walter St., South Bend, <br />Indiana for its regular meeting. Notice of the date, time and place of the meeting were duly given <br />as required by law. <br />Park Board members present were as follows: <br />Ms. Amy Hill, President <br />Mr. Mark Neal, Vice President <br />Ms. Aimee Buccellato <br />Park Board members absent were as follows: <br />Mr. Garrett Mullins <br />Staff members present: Phil St. Clair, Director of Parks; Bill Carleton, Director of Financial <br />Services; Susan O'Connor, Deputy Director of Parks; Randy Nowacki, Director of Golf <br />Operations; John Martinez, Interim Maintenance Superintendent; Mark Bradley, Director of <br />Marketing; Cynthia Fish, Assistant Special Events Coordinator; Michael Schmidt, Park Board <br />Attorney <br />L The Meeting was Called to Order by Board President Hill at 8:38 a.m. <br />IL The First Order of Business was the Interviewing of Interested Citizens. <br />1. Mr. Moyers introduced Ms. Robin Vida of the St. Joseph County Health Department and a <br />member of the "Let's Move, South Bend" initiative reported to the Board on the progress of <br />the program. In the past year they have achieved five gold medals and distributed a report <br />that outlined the areas that were achieved and those that they are working on. <br />Thus far, they are third in the region at reaching their goals. She thanked the Parks <br />Department for their partnership in the program and was confident that this summer would be <br />very successful. <br />III. Report By Organizations <br />South Bend Cubs - Mr. Joe Hart, President <br />a. Mr. Hart informed the Board that attendance is up by 40,000 over last year at this time. <br />b. He thanked the community and the Board for their support. <br />IV. Unfinished Business <br />Update on Miracle Park- Director St. Clair, Mr. Charles Lehman <br />Director St. Clair and Mr. Lehman gave an update on the search and funding for Miracle <br />Park, a proposed multi - purpose sports complex for special needs children. Mr. Lehman <br />- -I -- <br />