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SOUTH BEND BOARD OF PARK COMMISSIONERS <br />REGULAR MEETING <br />FEBRUARY 16, 2015 <br />The Board of Park Commissioners of the Park District of the City of South Bend, Indiana met on <br />Monday February 16, 2015 at the O'Brien Administration & Recreation Center, 321 E. Walter <br />St., South Bend, Indiana for its regular meeting. Notice of the date, time and place of the <br />meeting were duly given as required by law. <br />Park Board members present were as follows: <br />Mr. <br />Robert Goodrich, President <br />Ms. <br />Amy Hill, Vice President <br />Mr. <br />Garrett Mullins <br />Mr. <br />Bruce BonDurant <br />Park Board members absent were as follows: <br />Staff members present: Phil St. Clair, Director of Parks; Bill Carleton, Director of Financial <br />Services; Susan O'Connor, Deputy Director of Parks; Paul McMinn, Assistant Recreation <br />Director; Randy Nowacki, Director of Golf Operations; Mike Dyszkiewicz, Maintenance <br />Superintendent; Mark Bradley, Director of Marketing; Maurice Scott, King Center Director; <br />Cindy Piech - Miller, Fitness Director; Garry Harrington, Nature Center Director; Rose Kaufman, <br />Howard Park Center Director; David Firestone, Erskine Golf Pro Manager; Michael Schmidt, <br />Park Board Attorney <br />L The meeting was called to order by Board President Robert Goodrich at 4:05 p.m. <br />IL The first order of business was the interviewing of interested citizens. <br />1. Recognition of Ms. Bettye Green - <br />Ms. O'Connor and Paul McMinn recognized Ms. Green for her fifteen years of work as a <br />health care worker with the senior citizens at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Center in <br />conjunction with the St. Joseph Regional Medical Center. Mr. McMinn presented her <br />with a plaque that thanked her for her good works over the years. <br />2. South Bend / Mishawaka Chamber Of Commerce Leadership Team- Construction of a <br />Gaga Pit in Marshall Park <br />Mr. Zachary Klipsch of the YMCA showed a video on what a gaga pit is and how it is <br />played. They wish to construct four pits, at O'Brien, the Charles Black Center, Madison <br />School and a portable pit. All costs will be covered by sponsorships. <br />Ms. O'Connor added that they will be working with Park Maintenance to determine the <br />exact locations. No additional surfacing is necessary and they hope to have them finished <br />by the first week of May. She thanked them for their efforts. <br />Director St. Clair also thanked them for their creativity. <br />3. Notre Dame - Leeper Park Garden Project <br />Mr. Gary Gilot former Public Works Director spoke regarding a community engagement <br />project with the Notre Dame College of Engineering. He has been working with Ms. Deb <br />-1- <br />