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268 . <br />Be it Remembered-that the <br />Regular Session in the'Council <br />at the'hour of 7:55 o'clock P. <br />presided. The Minutes of the <br />were accepted as read. Motion <br />COMMUNICATION. <br />.MINUTES. <br />Common Council of the City of South Bend, Indiana, met in the <br />Chambers of the City Hall, Monday evening September 24th, 1934 <br />M. All Members present except Councilman Oakley. President Nels <br />two previous meetings were read`and on Motion of Councilman Hull <br />carried. <br />The Council of The <br />Y. M. C• <br />United Churches of South Bend and Mishawaka <br />A. Building, South Bend, Indiana <br />Sept. 249 1934. <br />Honorable Mayor and Board of Alderman <br />of the City of South Bend, 1XI <br />South Bend, Indiana. <br />Gentlemen: There have been numerous reports of disturbance of the peace, of people being <br />deprived of their rest, distxurbed and annoyed in various ways_byconduet that lowers the standar <br />of morals, giving the city a bad name and reputation. <br />These disturbances have largely come from Night Clubs, Dance Halls, and various plaes of <br />amusement, places where people stay and carouse and from which people may go forth to disturb t <br />peace of the community and the city.' <br />While we are opposed to the legaltzing of the liquor traffic and are convinced of its law- <br />lessness and its immoral influence in the'community, nevertheless, under present conditions, <br />since Attorney General Lutes has given as his opinion *that the power to regulate and control all <br />such places under its jurisdiction remains and abides in the City Council, we recommend thatbthe <br />City Couneili at as early a moment as possible, provide an _,ordinance trough which and by which <br />they may as exercise such powers as belong to them, to the end that the conduct and hours of <br />operation of Night Clubs, Dance Halls, and various places of amusement be brought under legal c <br />Public Morals Department Council of the United Churches of South Bend, Mishawaka and . Joseph <br />County. Edmond Kerlin Chairman C. E. Schubert $ecretary. On Motion of Councilman 7tipe :Z' the <br />Communication was referred to the Committee on report back to the Committee of the <br />Whole. Motion carried. <br />COMMUNICATION. <br />INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION QF FIRE FIGHTERS <br />Fire Alarm, Radio & Line Operators. <br />Local Union Not 387 City of South Bend, Indiana. <br />Address of Writer Harry Lewis 419 So. Michigan St. <br />September 22nd, 1934. <br />Honorable John C. Nelson, President Common Council." <br />(City of South Bend, Indiana. Hinkle and City <br />Dear Sir: I herewith attach a copy of Communication sent to Mayor 10 R. <br />Controller E. J. McErlain for the information of yourself and members of The City Council. <br />Thanking you for oast favors) With best wishes. Very Sinoerly Yours. Harry Lewis Representative. <br />Locan Union, # 357.2 == <br />0 <br />trol. <br />