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T 13th2 1934• <br />REGULAR MEETING. <br />MINUTES. <br />Be it Remembered that the Common Council of the City of South Bend, Indiana, met in <br />the Regular Session in the Council Chambers of the City Hall, Monday evening August:13th, <br />193+ at the hour of 7;50 o'clock P. M. All Members present except Councilmen.Hiss and Oakley. <br />Vice-President Grzeskowiak presided. The Minutes of the previous meeting were read and on <br />Motion of Coumeilman dull were accepted as read." Motion carried. <br />To The Common Council <br />City of South Ben&, Indiana <br />Gentlemen; <br />We, the employes of the Street Department, want a square deal. The <br />demand on the padtt of other City employes nfor an increase in salary, <br />works further hardship on use. 49 of our former fellow employes were <br />discharged because of lack of funds and many of them will not return <br />to work until funds are available in the Street Department. <br />We are paid only $18* a week, or #720' a month. <br />We are not paid for layoffs in bad weather and during the winter the <br />majority of us are off the payroll entirely.' <br />We have wives and children who have to be housed fed, clothes and kept <br />warm. Our families want all that any other American family wants and <br />all we ask-is that we have the opportuneity to earn enough money so they <br />can have t1ise things. <br />We ask you to consider our condition; increase our pay and assure us <br />steady employment; do nothing that will jeopardize ourmjobs. We also <br />ask-that if there is any surplus avai 'table this year ghat it be used for <br />re- employ our fellow workers who were laid off because of lack of money. <br />We want to take n <br />no onets job from him but if the p <br />policemen and firemen <br />are not willing t <br />to work for $1250 a month, many c <br />cf us who are just as <br />capable will be m <br />more than willing to work-for $1000 ' which would be a <br />33-1/3 percent increase over our present wages. - <br />Louis Smith C <br />Carl Scheminske J <br />John Pallo <br />Vs Poklinkowski L <br />L. Brooks H <br />H.' E:' Josephson <br />A. Tomlinson H <br />H._-Murray C <br />Christ Zanes <br />C. M. Lake H <br />H..L. Anderson 4 <br />400si Lasyo <br />Bud Taylor J <br />John Helm E <br />Emil Luther <br />Ed Slake H <br />Homer Dean F <br />Frank Hammond <br />Art Peterson J <br />John Przestwor E <br />E. Culver <br />Carl Lederer B <br />Bert Kwasneski K <br />Kermit Hindel <br />Ben Turner G <br />Geo.' Faulkner U <br />US.' Lo McGree <br />Wm. Pease J <br />James Johngrave C <br />Cloyd Cowan 1 <br />-Wm. C.' Williams M <br />Mike Zipp P <br />P. Papandrea X G <br />G. J. F'rohmader P <br />Pat McMahan F <br />F.` DeWitt <br />S. Bartoszek <br />- _ <br />__ _ <br />_F. -_T <br />