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r259 <br />July 23rd, 1934 REGULAR MEETING <br />Be it remembered that the Common Council (5T_the City of South Bend, Indiana, met in the <br />Regular Session in the Council Chambers of the City hall, Monday evening, July 23rd, 1934 at <br />the hour of 7:45 Pxxxx o'cloc P._,M,. All Members present,. Vice—President Grzeekowiek presided <br />v V lc� <br />'Ju <br />previous m <br />On motion of councilmen Altfeld 'phe minutes of the previ;�eeting were -,ast read <br />OOMMUNIOA T IONS July 23, 1934 <br />Members of the Common Council <br />Comiftittee of the Whole <br />Ways end Means Committee <br />City of South Bend, Indiana <br />Gentlemen: In reply to a request from me-the Board of Public Safety has eskee improvement <br />of present facilities, new decilities and the purchase of defenskve, offensive and protective <br />equipment for the Polise Department. <br />South Bend wants,and must have, the best trained and equipped police force in the State of <br />Indiana. <br />The Merthants National Bank robbery provies conclusively that the Police- Department must be <br />modernly equipped, efficiently administered and highly trained to cope with present—day banditr <br />The request for modern equipment made by the Board of Public Safety shall be med in full. <br />The cooperation of the Common Council for the transfer of funds will be urgently solicited. <br />The City controller informs me that he has received $6000.more taxes than he had previously <br />estimated; $1800. additional income from poll taxes than estimated end that there will be <br />a. saving from the spproprietion for bond payments to make up the balance necessary to meet the <br />requested expenditures of the Board of Pulbic Safety. deman <br />The Common Council, through itspower to abolish the present system of administration, can .. <br />ofthe Board of Public Safety that they shall take proper steps to see thst the Police De ' partmen <br />is efficiently administered, that tactidal plans are evolved to meet possible bandit attacks <br />upon the financial institutions and citizens of our city, that the police force shall be <br />removed from politics and a system of training officers in police work and gunnery whall be <br />instituted immediately. <br />The training of policemen should include all of the latest known methods of coping tith <br />present—day crime. Police training manuals should be preps-red and periddic examinations <br />given to all policemen. The policemen should ge given such physical training and information <br />as will keep them physically fit and their weight In keeping with established standards. <br />The Merthants National Bank robbery disclosed a lack of marksmanship on the part of our <br />officers. Thid id no fault of theirs and neither are the economic conditions responsible for <br />it. The majority of themembers of the Police Department were on the force many years previoust <br />to the depression and shluld have been trained in marksmanship when on probation. <br />Police training is not only beneficial to the general public but also afford protection tothe <br />individual policemen by making his work less hazardous. <br />Consideration should Jae given to a. plan of increased salaries for increased efficiency in add- <br />ition to the base pay provided for. Let each policemen be paid for marksmanship with pletol, <br />rifle and machine gun and for passing an examination based on the training manual for police <br />work. Probationery officers should be given one yesr in which to pass the examinations or be <br />dropped if they are incapable of meeting the requirements. <br />Respectfully submitted, <br />ry <br />R. Hinkle, M ayor. <br />July 23, 1914 <br />L -A <br />11 <br />