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September 25th, 1933. <br />MINUTES. <br />REGULAR MEETING. <br />'Be it Remembered that .the Common0Council of the City of South Bend, Indiana.,-M4 :k in the <br />Regular Session�in the Council Chambers of the City Hall, Monday evening September 25th, 1933 at <br />the hour of 7440 o'clock P. M. All Members presentm 2 except Councilman Hiss and Cripe. <br />President Nelson presided. The Minutes of the previous meeting were read and on Motion of <br />Councilman Hull were accepted as read. Motion carried. <br />REPORT OF CITY CLERK'S CERTXFICATE OF PROOF OF POSTING OF NOTICE TAXPAYERS. <br />In the Matter of An Ordinance Transfer3miing the sum of $12;335.74 from the Department of <br />Aviation to the General Fund of the City of South-Bend. <br />South Bend, Indiana, <br />September 19th, 19330' <br />I, Gladys M.',Monroe, City Clerk of the City of South Bend, Indiana, do hereby certify that <br />a copy of the attached notice was posted September 7th, 1933 in the following places to -wit: <br />K City Hall, South Bend, Indiana, Court House, I South Bend, Indiana, Telephone Pole at the Soutb <br />East Corner of Lincoln Way, West, and-North Walnut Streets, South Bend, Indiana, <br />In Witness Whereof, I have hereunto set_my hand and affixed the Seal of the City of South <br />Bend Indiana, this 18th day of September, A. D. 1933.' Gladys Me Monroe, City Clerk. ( Official <br />Seal3. The report was accepted by the Council. <br />PETITION* <br />To `The Council City ofbSouth Bend, Ind. <br />We the undersigned being property owners and tax payers in the City of South Bend,. do hereby <br />petition said council to take immediate action to cause A. Hamborsky, known as Ham the Wrescker , <br />who is operating a lumber ysard at .North Side Blvd and 36th Sto to remove said lumaber yard <br />from that location. It being against the zoning ordinance of the City of South Bend for any <br />lumber yard to be located at the above adress. The said lumber yard is a detriment to our <br />property, and the manner in which the lumber is thron and placed in the streets is a danger to it <br />the people. ( Signed by 20.names) AxxMj&timnxm1 Councilman Gustin :0M makes a Motion to refer <br />said Petition to the Board .of Public Works.. Councilman Altfeld amends said Motion to refer the <br />Petition to the.Building Department, and that tka they report back to the Committee of the Whole. <br />Motion carried. <br />REPORT OF THE COMMITTEE OF THE WHOLE. <br />To the Common Council of the City of South Bend: <br />Your 2*2 Committee of the Whole to whom was referred An Ordinance Transferring the sum. of <br />Twelve Thousand Three Hundred Thirty - Five Dollars and Seventy -Four Cents ($12,335.74) from the 22 <br />Department of Auiatton to the General Fund of the City of South Benda Respectfully report that <br />they have - examined the matter, andbthat in their opinion the said Ordinance should be reported <br />Favorable. Jno. 0. Hiss, Chairmaiul The report was accepted by the CouaciI4- <br />ORDINANCE NO. <br />An Ordinance - <br />Transferrin l the sum of Twelve Thousand Three Hundred Thirt <br />g y*-five Dollars <br />and Seventy -four Cents ($12,335.7+) from the Department of Aviation to the General Fund mf the <br />City of South Bend. <br />The Ordinance was given its third reading bybtitle and on Motion of Councilman Grzeskowiak <br />the Zz.Ordinance was held in the Council until the neift Council Meeting October 9th, 1933,also <br />that the Aviation Commissioners be present at said Meeting.' Motion carried. <br />ORDINANCE N0. <br />An Ordinance Transferring the su* of One Hundred Dollars ($100.00)_from One Subdiviaon to <br />another Subdivision in the Department of Public Health. <br />The Ordinance was given its first reading by title, its second reading in full andnon <br />Motion of Councilman Hull was referred to the Committee of the-Whole, also that a °Public Hearing <br />be held October 9th, 1933 at 7:30 o'clock P. M. Motion carried. 1 <br />RESOLUTICK. INTRODUCED BY COUNCILMAN GEO. F. HULL. <br />WHEREAS THE'State Legiska.ture of,_Indiana.has.enacted a statute classifying Cities of Indiana; <br />and <br />WHEREAS, such classifying statute requires thatbthe number of wards or 0 councilmanie distri( <br />within the City of South Bend, Indiana, shall be reduced from eight to six; and <br />WHEREAS, the said statute and other statutes enacted by the Indiana State Legislature <br />would appear to make an immediate-re-districting permissable and advisable; and <br />WHEREAS, t )e- Common Councils of- cities of Indiana are authorized by law to proceed to <br />establish such Councilmanic Districts" by ordinance; <br />THEREFORE,BE IT RESOLVED, by the Common Council of the City of South Bend, Indiana, that-the <br />President of the Common Council institute proceedings for the establishing of siax Councilmanic <br />Districts within the City of South Bend, Indiana, by appointing a bi- partisan committee charged <br />with the duties to study the problem and to submit a proposed ordinance for the establishing <br />of ate six Councilmanic Districts within the City of South Bend, Indiana, in accordance with <br />the Statutes of Indiana; and <br />BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: That the said committee is hereby instructed to submit <br />and proposed ordinance at the next following regular meeting of the Common Council of the City <br />of South Bend, Indiana. <br />On Dt' on of C uncian Q,kkley he �tesol tio� was aottet05Mo °O� cIQCkrid. <br />n oton of �ounci an o oPP t e ouncil a ourne Motion carried. <br />ATTEST PROVED <br />CL PRESIDENT <br />0 <br />