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August 28th, 1933. <br />REGULAR MEETING. <br />MINUTES. <br />Be It Remembered-that the Common Council of the City of South Bend, Indiana, met'in the <br />Regular Session in the Council Chambers of the City Hall, Monday evening August 28ti, 1933 at t <br />hour of $& 9:10 o'clock P. M. All Members present.' President Nels -on presided. The Minutes of <br />the p reviou`s meeting were read and on Motion of Councilman Hull were-accepted as read. <br />Motion carried. '► <br />COMMUNICATION. <br />City of South Bend, Indiana <br />William R. Hinkle ,Mayor Office of the Mayor <br />August 22, 1933• <br />Honorable Common Council - <br />City of South Bend, Indiana <br />Gentlemen: Your ordinance no. 3027 was brought to me for signature but after examination it <br />appeared that the ordinance did not enact the legislation which K I understood you meant to <br />accomplish. I wish to point this out to you and if the ordinance does cover the legislation you <br />wish then kindly so advise and I will sign it without delay. If it does not cover, then it is <br />m suggestion that you amend it and I will sign it without delay and put it to publication. The <br />p�rpose of holding and reporting to Committee of the Whole is to save expense of two publication <br />The point I wish to raise is that the ordinance, as drawn, requires- -and It- itinerant produce deal <br />to secure license only.when it he sells to " any person, firm, corporation or association engage <br />that <br />in the business of wholesale of the same produce within the soldatomthenretailer,nas for <br />you wished to require a license of the itinerant produce <br />instance the grocer. As it is now, it is required oh-ly of the one who sells to the wholesale <br />produce dealer. If you will give this your careful consideration I will. appreematem its` <br />Very truly yours, We' R. Hinkle, Mayor. This Communication Wass read at the Committee of the Meet <br />Meeting on August 21st, 1933 but as there are no minutes kept of the fpmmittee of the Whole Meet <br />The Communication was accepted and made a matter of record under this date and ordered to be <br />placed on file* <br />COMMUNICATION. 415 E. Victoria $t. <br />South Bend Ind.' <br />entlemenm of the City Council. Please allow me to make a suggestion regarding renaming "Wester <br />G ro eralty. If a street <br />Avenue, This street could mrunnin north and southnwere named 0 Western* it would be suitable <br />the Westerly part of t Y <br />but not in the lodation Western Ave now lies. First one comes to $0utW1 Stt which isnt so odd, on <br />South of the business center, but soon one sees " "We rarn "I,ets'be therfirst City- it toshave y alstree <br />and not suitable. I therefore Submit -the name of. 415.E. Victoria St. <br />"N— I —R —A", in its business sections Respectfully yours..Lyla Maye Coffman. <br />d Ind. On Motion of Councilman Cripe the Communication was accepted and ordered to be <br />S4 Bend,, <br />placed on file. Motion carried. - <br />QTY OLERKIS � OF NOTICE TO' TAXPAYERS. <br />,the Matter of An Ordinance Transferring the sum of $57.72 from one Subdivision to a <br />sion in the-Controller's Office.' - - <br />- -- <br />f <br />r" <br />ngs; <br />n <br />n <br />.ing <br />usin <br />c alle d <br />r� <br />