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-July 24th, 1933. <br />REGULAR MEETING <br />_ MINUTES <br />Be it Remembered that the Common Council of the City- of.South_Bend,,"dat in <br />Regular-Session in the Council Chambers of the City Hall, Monday-evening July 24th, 1933 at <br />the hour of 7 ;50 O'clock P. Al mbers Present. President Nelson presided. On Motion <br />of Councilmen Altfeld the nlL Al <br />previous meeting .were suspended Na:kk and the <br />Council took up the regular work. Motion Carridda <br />COMMUNI- CATION <br />City of South Bend, Indiana <br />Finance Department <br />Office of City Controller <br />July 24, 1933• . <br />TO THE HONORABLE COIDMON COMTCIL: <br />Gentlemen; The law privides• for the appointment by the Commissioners of Public <br />Safety of an inspector of Weights and Measures and the Council shall provide for his eoppensatio <br />and for his necessary apparatus and expenses, the same to be paid out of the city treasury. The <br />inspector may also, when it is deemed advisable, act as inspector of Weights and Measures for <br />the County and if the same person be so employed, the compensation and expenses of such <br />inspector shall be devided between the City and County as agreed upon. The compensation shall <br />not be less than $1,200.00 per annum in cities of the second and third class.' <br />. Your Ronorable_ body, in its ordinance fixing salaries, fixed $150.00 per month as the <br />salary to be paid by the City to said inspector. It has come to my attention that the <br />County is also paying this inspector the sum of $119.00 per month,, making a total sum of <br />$269.00 as his monthly compensation.. <br />I have been informed that your Body wres not aware of the compensation which the present <br />inspector was receiving, end that it fixed the $150.00 per month on the assumption that this <br />was his entire. compensation. <br />I would therefore recommend that you request the Fees and Salaries 00mmittee to <br />investigate and make a report end if said compensation was fixed on a- minapprehension as to the <br />salary paid him that the said Board of Public Safety be authorized to make an agreement with the <br />County Commissioners as to the relative proportion of the salary to be paid, and an agreement <br />as to the total amount of compensation to be paid. <br />Very <br />E. <br />0 <br />truly yours, <br />J. McErlein <br />ityController. <br />