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9 <br />jy. y <br />MINUTES. - <br />Be it Remembered that'the Common Council of the City of South Bend, Indiana, mer in <br />Regular Session in the Council Chambers of the City Hall, Monday evening July 16th, 1933 <br />at the hour of 7 ;55 o'clock P. M. All Members present. President Nelson presided. The Minutes <br />of the previous meeting were read and on Motion of Councilman Hull were accepted as read.: <br />Motion carried.` <br />COMMUNICATION. <br />St.. Joseph County Building Trades Council <br />South Bend, Indiana, June 17 — 1933. <br />South Bend City Council <br />City Hall. City. <br />Gentlemen of Council. St. Joseph x -ty Building Trades Council is protesting the 40 <br />per hr." for labor of our city. - <br />At your South Bend �t Post Office building your United States government set the prevailing <br />scale of labor--in this community at 50 A per hr. therefore we regret very much that the 40 <br />per hr.` was placed in effect . in our city -'' <br />this Also has lowered the buying power in this locality. Hoping that this matter` will be <br />given your consideration in your next case and thankiri <br />the future I am. Yours ever Truly, . L. Garrison g you in advance for your support in <br />y, , 51 East Howard St. City., Rec. Sec. <br />( Corporate Seal) On Motion of Councilman Hull the Communication was accepted and ordered to <br />be placed on file. Motion carried. <br />REPORT OF THE CITY CONTROLLER OF THE CITY OF SOUTH BEND FOR THE MONTH Or. MAY 1933. <br />Balance on Hand First of Month ...` ..... ............................... 126075.00 <br />Balance m May 31, 1933 ............... .. .......................,...... 199,799.70 <br />Remarks: Dedicting $303,954.24 in closed banks and $555,175.31 in the Barxrett Law and other <br />specific funds,.shows a Net Balance of $110,406.80 for operating expenses and debt service$ <br />for the variojus civil city departments on May 31, 1933.` <br />Respectfully Submitted, E. J. McErlain, City Controller.' The report was accepted and ordered <br />to be placed on file. Motion carried.. <br />REPORT OF CITY CONTROLLER. <br />July 103, 1933' <br />To the Honorable Common Council <br />Gentlemen: <br />The City of South Bend is faced - with- a suit due to the deficit in municipal airport funds. <br />The moneys now available in the General Fund are -not sufficient to meet the payroll and normal <br />operating expenses of the City beyond August let, and this estimate is based on the receipt <br />of certain moneys. As you will note, the General Fund has a palance on hand at this time of <br />only $13,229.91. <br />To relieve the City of the possibilities of being sued and to meet the payroll and zxdi�e <br />expenditures of the employes and suppliers of the Aviation Board I recommend a transfer of <br />$10,000o be made from the Track Elevation -Fund and one of $3090.48 from the City Cemetery <br />Maintenance Fund to the General Fund and then by Ordinance to the Municipal Airport Fund.' <br />There are no expenditures now being paid from Track Elevation Funds so there will be no charges <br />until after the work is in progress.' The City.Cemetery "Maintenance Fund has no current with- <br />drawals to meet. <br />These two transfers will meet th4 outstanding bills payable and payroll of the Aviation Boaxd* <br />Respectfully Submitted, E. J. McErlain, City Controller. <br />On Motion of Councilman Hiss the" Report was referred to the Committee of the Whole. Motion <br />na-rri Rrl - -- <br />