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May 22nd, 1933. <br />MINUTES. <br />REGULAR MEETING. <br />-tea <br />4 it <br />Be it Remembered that the Common Council &f the City of South Bend, Indiana) .get in <br />Regular Session in the Council Chambers in the City Hall, Monday evening, May 22nd 1933 <br />at the hour of 7 :40 o�clock P. M. 411 Members present. President Nelson presided. he <br />Minutes of the previous meeting were read and on Motion of Councilman Hull were accepted <br />as read. Motion carried. <br />COMWUNICATION. <br />South Bend, Indiana, May 15, 1933. <br />To The Honorable Council <br />City of South Bend <br />South Bend, Indiana. <br />Gentlemen: It has been your practice to institute Daylight Savings time on Sunday morning <br />each year. <br />We wish to respectfully suggest that you give consideration next year to starting <br />the same on Monday morning instead of Sunday'. <br />The Ministerial Association of St. Joseph County by official action directed the <br />secretary to request such consideration by your body. Please understand we have no fault to <br />find with Daylight savings time, but institut$bg the same on Sunday morning works a hardship <br />on Church attendance the first Sunday, which we believe could and should be avoided. He care see <br />no greater handicap to starting the same on Monday, and we do see.severail advantages, in that <br />engagements for work and otherwise on Monday are not on a voluntary basis, speaking generally. <br />Church going is a voluntary , and we believe the Churches and their organizations should xeeeis <br />receive the benefit of Daylight Savings starting on Monday instead of Sunday. J. Samuel <br />Pritchard , Secretary St, Joseph County Ministerial Association. <br />On Motion of 0ouncilman Hiss the Communication was accepted and ordered to be placed on file, <br />also that the City Clerk write a letter acknowledging the communication. Motion carried. <br />REPORT OF THE COMMITTEE OF THE WHOLE. <br />To the Common Council of the City of South Bend: <br />Your Committee of the Whole to whom was referred Aix Ordinance abolishing the Office of <br />City Elevation Engineer and The Olerk'Provided_ for said City Elevation Engineer.' <br />Respectfully report that they have examined the matter, and that in their opinion the said <br />Ordinance should be reported Unfavorable.' John O. Hiss, Chairman. The report was accepted by <br />the Council.', <br />ORDINANCE NO. <br />An Ordinance abolishing the ,Office of City Elevation Engineer and The Clerk Provided <br />for said City Elevation Engineer:' <br />The Ordinance was given its fizz third reading by title b and was placed upon its passage, <br />and pazz3edxbyzthazf9i1xNtzgz=1zx was lost by the following vote: Nelson, Whiteman, Rokop, <br />Goetz, Hull, Jaworski, Altfeld, Hiss, Oakley, Grzeskowiak, Oripe.and Gustin, Apes 0, Nays 12, <br />Ordinance Lost. <br />ORDINANCE "NO <br />AheO di, lanaeeCkagging the Classification for Zoning Pur*oses of certain property within tit <br />the City ofbSouth -Bend, Indiana. <br />The Ordinance was given its first reading by title, its second - reading in full and <br />on Motion of Councilman Hull the Rules were suspended by the following vote: - Nelson Whiteman, <br />Rokop, Gpetz,:Hull, Jaworski, Altfeld, Hiss, Oakley, Grzeskowiak,.Cripe and Gustin, 1yes 12,• <br />Drays 0. Rules suspended and Ordinance goes to third reading.' <br />The Ordinance was given its third reading by title, and was placed upon its passage and <br />passed by the following vote: Nelson, Whiteman, Rokop, Goetz, Hull, Jaworski, *.Altfeld, Hiss, <br />Oakley, Grzeekowiak, E~ _Gripe . and Gustin, ' Ayes 12, _ Nays 0. Ordinances adopted.' <br />2 On Motion of Councilman Rokop the Council adjourned at 8 :00 o'clock P M. Motion,carried, <br />ATTEST <br />APPROVED <br />PRESIDENT. <br />