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January -9th, 1 <br />Be it Remembered that-the <br />Regular Session in the Council <br />at the hour of 7 :45 oIclock P.' <br />President Nelson presided. The <br />Councilman Hull were accepted <br />REGULAR MEETING. <br />MINUTES. <br />Common Council of the City of South Bend, Indiana, met in the <br />Chambers in the City Hall, Monday eveningbJanuary 9th, 1933, <br />AM. A11 members present except Councilmen Rokop and Cripe. <br />Minutes.of the previous meeting were read and on Moti`6n of <br />as read.' Motion carried. <br />OFFICIAL BOND OF DUNCAN J. CAMPBELL, COUNTY TREASURER EX-OFFICIO CITY TREASURER. � <br />The Official Bond of Duncan J. Campbell, County Treasurer Ex- Officio City Treasurer <br />principal and The Fidelity and Casualty Company of New York, as surety was presented to <br />the Council.* Term of Office Two years from January lst, 1933-text On Motion of Councilman <br />Oakley the Bond was referred to the Committee of the Whole, also to the City Attorney for <br />further investigation.' - Motion carried. <br />CARD OF THANKS. <br />The family of Charles F. Keller acknowledge& w.ith.sincere appreciation your kind <br />expression of sympathy. On Motion of Councilman Hiss the Card of Thanks -was received and <br />San ordered to be placed on file. Motion:. carried.' <br />REPORT OF THE CITY CONTROLLER OF THE CITY OF SOUTH BEND FOR THE MONTH OF NOVEMBER 1932.' <br />Balance on Hand First of Month .............. ............................... 163,761.ol <br />Balance Nov. 30, ................ ... 771058.98 <br />Respectfully Submitted, Geo. A. Knoblock, City Txallaa Controller. Oxxmaii The report was <br />accepted by the Council and ordered to be placed on file*` carried. <br />REPORT OF CITY PLAN COMMISSION. <br />City Plan Commission <br />youth Bend, Ind. Dec. 2, 193 <br />2. <br />To The Common Council , City of South Bend. <br />Gentlemen: Ordinance for change of height and area district classification of lots No 143 an <br />Portage Park Addition was considered by the City Plan Commission at their Meeting Dec. 1, 193 <br />While it is true that the present "An height and area district on this property does :& not <br />agree with its Commercial use classification, a change to "DO height and area would not <br />obiriate the necessity for the owner going before the Board of Zoning Appeals for the adjustme <br />of certain encroachments in his proposed building project, beexasuse of the reversednfrontage <br />.of the lots. <br />The City Plan Commission was of the opinion that in-as-much-as the contemplated improvement i <br />the traffic conditions at <br />last building project these lots will accomodate and because of <br />Portage and Angella Avenues, better control of the building location could be exercised by <br />granting a variance to the "A" height and area district requirements than changing to a <br />district of lower classification and their action is unfavorable to the change. Yo­4rs truly, <br />D. Moomaw, Sect. The report was accepted and ordered to be placed on: file.' Motion carried. <br />REPORT OF THE COMMITTEE OF THE WHOLE. <br />To the Common Council of the City of South Bend: - <br />your Committee of the Whole to whom was re ferred An Ordinance amending Ordinance No. 233 <br />nly known as the Zoning Ordinance in so far as it applies to Height and Area of certain <br />property in the City of South Bend, Indiana. Respectfully report that they have examined the <br />matter, and J-hat in their opinion the said Ordinance should be reported Unfavorable.' John C. <br />Hiss, Chairman. The report was accepted by the Council and ordered to be placed on file. Mote <br />carried. <br />ORDINANCE NO. 2331 commonly known as the Zoning Ordinance in so fa <br />An Ordinance_ amending Ordinance No* <br />as it applies to.Height and Area of certain properly in the-City polacedt upon nits.passage and <br />.The Ordinance was given its third reading by _J�Itll <br />D::_ost_N by the following vote: Nelson, Whitemann, Goetz, Hull, Jaworski, Altfeld, Hiss, Oakley <br />Grzeskowiak and Gustin, Ayes 0, Nays 10.` Ordinance Lost. <br />ORDINANCE NO. y 'dina, <br />Ordinance authorizing the Board ``of Public Safety of the City of South Bend, Indiana 1 <br />An Ordin <br />Negotiate for the Purchase of x Radio Equipment formit's Police Department an <br />sum of Money not to exceed Fifty -Five readied Dollars its se drreadingfinafull and on by The Ordinance was given its fir g <br />Motion of Councilman. Altfeld was referred to the Committee mmmofithecarried .also that a Public <br />Hearing be held January 23rd, 1933 at 7.30 o <br />RESOLUTION INTRODUCED BY COUNCILMAN JULIUS ALTFELD. <br />- WHEREAS, many persons in our city are without employment and in want because of a nationwide <br />economic depression; <br />WHEREAS, this condition is caused in part by the � labor• °f foreign made commodities compete, <br />with the products of American industry and American by American consumers only tends to <br />WHEREAS, the continued purchase d foreign- opportunity for recover; <br />perpetuate present conditions and to deny American business its d hereby <br />BE IT RESOLVED, that the common council se the c nicipalouse only produtslmanufacturedainmth <br />heads ofthe city of government to purchase for municipal - <br />United States, and c izen <br />BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the common council of aseeSCthe'same principal o ebuyingVAmerican <br />his patriotic duty to exercise ern his private purchases <br />made commodities. <br />uncilman Gustin made a Motion that the Resolution be•;aAfteraa generate diseussioriCthecMotior. <br />Co. <br />Goetz made a motion that the Resoluton just be filed, which <br />was seconded and Councilman Altfeld made a Motion for a Roll call Oakleyt on theGarrnzeskowiak, and <br />is as follows:, Nelson, Whiteman, Goetz, Hell, Naygr1- iResolution xal is filed by the vote <br />tustin voting aye {, Altfeld voting Nay. y 99 <br />on the amendment. <br />MOTION ( orally ) motion that the Council stand in Memory to Ex President <br />Oakley makes ;9,. Me <br />Co6lidge. Motion carried and The Council stood in a bo atto8h2s oemlock P• M. motion carried, <br />On Motion. of Councilman Oakley the Council j <br />APPROV D <br />ATTEST <br />PRESIDENT. <br />CL RK <br />0 <br />w.. <br />r <br />14 <br />the <br />4 <br />6s ' • <br />