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January 2nd, 1933. ANNUAL MEETING. <br />MINUTES. - <br />Be it Remembered that the Common C .0SL" J J&am�pj &i 4hdunI Hall, <br />on January 2nd, 1933 at the hour of.7;40 oc 1 <br />Meters �r s esi n Nelson <br />presided. President Nelson stated that it became the duty -of the Council to elect a <br />Presiding Officer for the ensuing year and asked the pleasure of the Council. Councilman <br />Goetz nominates the name of Councilman -John C. Nelson the present President, Councilman <br />Altfeld seconds said Motion and Councilman W11 makes a Motion that nominations be closed. <br />Councilor gJ 1� o� d Motion! and'Councilman John C.' Nelson was duly elected <br />Presiden f t i m su �ignp r by aclamationz, ar-d tmtil his successor is elected and <br />q ualified.' <br />Whereas the next business in order was the election of a Chairman Pro -Tem or Vice— <br />President. Councilman Altfeld nominates the name of Councilman Stephen-C. Grzeskowiak. for <br />Vice President*' Councilman Hull moves that the nominations be closed and Councilman Whiteman <br />seconds said Motion and Councilman Stephen C: Grzeskowiak was duly elected Vice President <br />of the aomman Council for the ensuing year or until his- suc- cessor is elected and qualified. <br />The City Clerk casts the vote for the election of the Officers elected for the ensuing <br />year. <br />There being no further business the Council adjourned on Motion -of Councilman Altfeld <br />at 7:50 o'clock P. M. Motion carried. <br />ATTEST <br />i <br />CLERK <br />APPROVED <br />0 <br />PRESIDENT <br />I: <br />