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QT ,� July 25th, 1932.0. <br />REGULAR MEETING. <br />MINUTES, <br />Be it Remembered that the Common Council of the City of South Bend,' Indiana, met in. <br />the Regular SessiQ�a in the °Qonc�.l 'Chambers in the City Hall, Monday evening,. July 25ths 193! <br />at the hour of 7 :.:5 o!clock P. X. All Members present president Nelson presAded. The Minute' <br />.."Of the previous meet, ng were read .and on Motion. ofbCounoilman Hull were accepted as read.' a I <br />eOMMUNICATION, i s <br />South Bend, Indiana, July 25th <br />The Common Council, City of South Bend, <br />South Bend, Ind:` <br />Oexte>en: In dowutowc and--other` congested intersections where safety zones are marked off <br />IA0 '"Wo Qf raaffic are established, thus at times <br />s .ow hg u1 t - a>ffic. <br />In Many cities, some much larger than South Bend, 'Milwaukee for instance, three lanes ofS <br />traffic are established, two to the right. and one to the <br />left' of safety zone. All lanes of traffio are separated by wide lines painted on pavement.. I <br />_ Vehicles -a not being all -owed to cross dividing lines after once entering traffic lane: <br />This' letter is written as a suggerstion to our Board of Public Safety with the thought that <br />pero;aps the adoption ,of a plan as outlined above might expidite traffic at busy intersectio218. <br />Respectfully yours, Councilman Eighth Ward. Per XE&tl .' Gustin. <br />On motion of Councilman Hull the Communication was referred to the Ma=­­ #aaBx x*)mx1x Board: <br />of Public Safety. <br />PETfiI3N. - <br />To the Honorable. Members of the Common Council of, the City of South Bend, Indiana.:' <br />G -e undersized property owner do hereby petition your Honorable Bodymto change the. <br />ton -:,ng of 'Lot 26; Lepper l,s Second -Addition, ioca�ted ' on Pokagon Street, City of South Bend, <br />ndi.ana, f�c ®m !Au Vse-`and,"A" Height and. Area to CO Use and "Da Height axed Area� with, the <br />following exoeptXon8: �, ., <br />That when -0C "Use is;conformed'wi,th by the.propesty builder, he be`'.conform with .the <br />WAN, Use Reptr. ctions, is s.gfar- .as the property lnno -is conicerned. S`igne,d Sam: Leeper.' On Motion <br />©f youncilman Hull the Pettioxaw was< accepted' and ,referred to the O'ity P "laA Qommi.s -son to <br />xr repcirt back to, the Oom03tt�ee of the`.Whole , 1 #��i�aea Also that�`a Public Hearing °b*- 1ild' <br />August Sth'� ..1g32 a't 76,30 a:rcl ®ck P•'<M.. Motion carried.` <br />REPORT OF, 'FEES AND SALARIE�i. CQ�MITT -. <br />0 <br />