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-A 4.6 <br />X, <br />;,4ke,27th, 19320 REGULAR MEETING* <br />MINUTES <br />Be it Remembered that the Common Council of the City of South Bend, State of Indiana <br />e 27t <br />in the Regular the Council Chambers in the City Hall, Monday evening., JuA met <br />1 193, <br />at the hour-of 9:20 oldlock Po Met All Members present except Councilman Goetz* President Nelsi <br />presided* Minutes of.the previous meeting were read and on motion of Councilman Hull was <br />.referred to the Committee on the-fn'spection and Supervision of Minutes*' Motion carried*' <br />COMMUNICATION. <br />Department of Public Works <br />South Bend, Indiana: <br />June 20th, 1932. <br />To the Hone Members of the Common Council <br />of The City of South Bend# Indianae' <br />Gentlemen: In compliance with your recommendation incorporated in your resolution affecting <br />Fees and Salaries, the Board of Public Warka, at a siecial meeting on Saturday, June l8th, <br />vacated the position of Aasistant Clerk of the Boards <br />This is in accord with-your resolution as approved by the Mayor* Respectfullyq Board of Publixe <br />Works By Geo,' Ao" Schook, Preso of the Board" On Motion of Councilman Oakley, the Communication <br />was accepted and ordered to be _placed on file* Motion carried*. <br />PETITION* <br />To thw Honorabale Members of the Common Council of the City of South Bend, Indianao' <br />We, the 'sic dz undersigned . being the owners of more than fifty per Cent (50%) of the 2=3 <br />frontage onLincoln Way.West in '- the district located between the east line of Allen Street and <br />the west line of Sherman avenues-all -in the City of South Bendo State-of Indianat, hereby petiti( <br />your Honorable Body,to change the zoning in such district from "B" Residence District to NO" <br />Commercial District*' Signed by 9 signers).- On Motion of Councilman Hull the Petitio4 was <br />referred to the *a= City Plam Commission to report back to-the Committee, of the Whoelep also <br />that a Public Hearing be #axd hold July 11th, 1932;' at 100 o'clock Po" M*-' Motion carried. <br />REPORT THE CITY CONTROLLER OF THE CITY OF SOUTH BEND; FOR THE MONTH OF MAY 19320 <br />Balance on Hand First of Month .'......,.. 00..4.0 0 0 00000-00000*0 000000*000 . 211 14go'39 <br />Balance May-31,, l932_e00000**0**00*9900 342,�930`05 <br />Respectfully Submittedt Geoo A. Knoblock, City Controller.-The report was accepted by the Oounc <br />on Motion of Councilman Whiteman-*" <br />REPORT OF COMMITTEE ON MINUTES* <br />To the Common Council of the City of South Bend: <br />Your Committee on the Inspection and supervision of the.minutes I would respectfully report <br />that they have inspected the minutes of the-previous meeting of the Council and found them <br />0' W aw r ski p <br />correct.' They therefore recommend that the same be approved.' I* " Cripe, Joseph S J o <br />Julius Altfeld, Committee.' South Ben_ d, Inde! May 23rd., 19320` The rep;rt was-accepted by the Counc <br />REPORT OF COMMITTEE ON MINUTES* ON SPECIAL MEETING. <br />To the Common Council of the City of South-Bend: report <br />­1 Your Committee on the inspection and supervision of the minutest would respectfully <br />that they have inspected the minutes of the previous meeting of the�Oouncil and-found them Corr( <br />They therefore recommend that the same be approved*` lo-We" Gripe, Joseph So I Jaworskiv <br />Julius Altfeld, Committee, South Bend,-Inds June 6th,, 19320" The report was accepted by the Oounc <br />ORDINANCE NO. <br />Am Ordinance ap5r—opriating the - sum of Seven Hundred Fifty ($7500"00) Dollars from the <br />General hand of the City of South Bend, Indiana to the Board of Public Worka for the Purpose of <br />:`Defraying suoh-cost, as the said Board may deem advisable to expend in an effort to obtain <br />Reduction of Utility Ratese" <br />The Ordinancewas given its first reading by title$ its second reading-in full and on <br />Motion of Councilman Cripe was referred to the Committee of the M Whole, also that-a Public <br />Hearing beheld July 11th, 1932 at 7:30 MI O'clock F.' Me" Motion -carriedol, <br />MOTION <br />Kuncilman Hiss makes a Notion orally that the Council Dismiss with reading the Reports <br />of Committee on the Supervision and Inspectiom of the Minuteso" Motion.carTiedo <br />COMMUNICATION* <br />South Bend Musioianalf-Proteotive Association. <br />Local No.' 2-78, A." F.' of Me <br />206 -1. 00 00' TO Bldg* <br />Phone 3.611 <br />South Bend, Indo", June 17th, 19320' <br />Members of South Bend City Council <br />Gentlemen:- We X understand that there is zi a possibility of the city sponsoring a series of ba: <br />concerts in the parks here this summer* We are heartily in accord with this movement;, and we <br />beleive that there never has been a time when civic entertatument of this nature has been so <br />much needed. if it is possiblethat the gentlemen of the park boardp thra any action of your bod <br />can be induced to give a series of concerts, we would like to make application to play these <br />affairs. Our band is knowm as toe South Bend City Band, and i& composed entitely of professiona <br />musiciana. We will give the utmostnsatisfaction to the listemersp.of this I am positive,. Our <br />rates are in keeping with the times, and will not irove prohibitive*-' Would suggest that the ba <br />number at least twenty-two peicest, in order that the instrumenatimtation would permit the <br />redition of a diversified program* Forg this size band the cost would amount to 0960"00 per <br />concert* This price covers the cost of all rehempsals needed by the organization, and for each <br />concert, running approximately two hours* We would like to have you Five series consideration <br />to the giving of these concerts, and to the employment of a union band.' Sincerely yours Of" He <br />Payne, Secretary Localb278 A*" Fo of Me;626 Odd Fellow Bldg.',On Motion of Councilman Hull the <br />Communication was-referred to the-J1z&xdxa2 Park Department*" Motion carried*' , <br />On Mftion of Councilman Altfeld the Council adjourned at 8:50 o1clook P." Me" Motion carried <br />ATTEST <br />'i AN <br />Q�AP -ROVED/ <br />PRESIDENT <br />f <br />a <br />• <br />• <br />tg <br />E <br />t • <br />0 <br />• <br />• <br />LJ <br />