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April 11 <br />Be it <br />met in the <br />11th, 1932 <br />and Rokop* <br />read and o <br />Supervision <br />PETITION.. <br />01 <br />MINUTES. <br />Remembered that the Commpn Council of the City of South Bend, State of Indiana,. <br />RegFular Session in the Council Chambers in the City Hall, Monday evening, April <br />at the hour of 7;50 o'clock P. M. All Members present except Councilmen,N:elson <br />Vice President Grzeskowiak presided. The Minutes of the previous meeting were <br />n Motion of Councilman Hull were referred to the Committee on the Inspection and <br />of -Minutes. MotioA carried.' <br />Kosciuszko CivIndiana, Club of St*' Casimir Parish. <br />South Bend, April 10, 1932.' <br />To the Hon. Common Council City of South Bend" <br />Gentlemen At their last meeting, April 6, the members of the Kosciuszko by unanimous vote <br />proposed to enter a formal protest against the measure which would crowd out of legal <br />competition the small coal dealers by placing upon them exorbitant license fees for operating <br />purposes. <br />The members of this Club are persdaded that the above mentioned measure is an organized <br />attempt of the larger coal - dealers of this city to discriminate against the less formidable <br />competitors. These are unfair and un- Americanlike tactics and should not be countennanced <br />by any faArminded citizen. Their is no emergency or necessity in this city for-such a measure <br />Therefore, we as citizens humbly petition and demand t3Xat you protect the rights of the <br />weaker and the constitutional rights of competition for every man. Trusting that the Hon. City <br />Council will heed the the voice of 500 organized citizens, we beg to remain, Sincerely, <br />For the Kosciuszko Civic Club, Casimir Woltman, Pres. William Pulaski, Seca On-Motion of <br />Councilman Whiteman the Petition was referred to the Committee on Ordinances: Motion carried.' <br />PETIT10N4 'u". <br />Kosciuszko Civic Club of St:" Casimir Parish <br />South Bend, Indiana., April 10, 1932. <br />To The Hon. Common Council City of South Bend, Ind.• <br />Gentlemen; At their Last regular meetingip the members of the Kosciuszko Civid Club vw6ed <br />voted unanimously to ask the Hon: CommonbOouncil City of South Bend, 3adz to act upon the <br />SerLtiemntxzAtxtkeirxiastxxxgmiax resolution submitted by the Polish Central Civic Committee <br />in regards to, enforcing the punitive and police powers against the New York Central Railroad- <br />The members of the Club base their contention on the principle that the citizens of this <br />community have a right to for their natural right of life and safety. At <br />the Walnut- Western crossing this natural right can be protected either bjctrack elevation or <br />bj M=V creating artificial conditions wlich will insure it.' Since the former alternative <br />has been refused by the rat.l.road officials, the only recourse is to adopt the latter. I It is <br />time for us all as citizens to realize the dangers lurking in the grade crossings that have <br />taken so many lives tZxxax1izxxxtkaxdax in recent months. Therefore we petition the City <br />Council "to take cognizance of the above - mentioned resolution and in a practical way effect <br />such measurers and conditions which will protect the natural birthright of life and safety <br />of the citizens of this city. Sincerely, For the Kosciuszko Civic Club Casimir W61tman <br />President William Pulaski Secretary:' On Motion of Councilman Oakley, the Petition was <br />referred to the City Attorney to find Ways and Means for inv-es :Lg;& 1on.' Motion carried.' <br />REPORT-OF CITY CDERKIS CERTIFICATE OF PROOF OFIAPUBLICATION OF NOTICE TO TAXPAYERS. <br />In the Matter of the' appropriation of the sum of Eleven Hundred Fifty -Two Dollars and <br />Seventy Five Cents from the General Fund of the City of South Bend to the Finance Department - <br />of said City Sub -Head B -8A for payment of Legal advertising." <br />