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June 8th, 1931. REGULAR MEETING.- <br />MINUTES. <br />Be it Remembered that the.Common Council met in the Regular Session :9 in the Council <br />Chambers in the City Hall, Monday evening June 8th, 1931 -. at the hour of 9 :15 o1olock P M.' All <br />Members present: President Nelson presided: The Minutes of the previous meeting were read on aid <br />on Motion of Councilman Hull were referred to the Csommittee on the Inspection and Supervision'o <br />Minutes. Motion carried.' <br />_ <br />COMMUNI "CATION. 4zgnd�;Tj:ank�W Railway System. <br />W.` J.' Hogan Office of Superintendent <br />N Superintendent (e) Battle Creek, Michigan June 3, 1931 <br />File-01646-3 <br />Miss Gladys M.' Monroe,, City Clerk, , City of South Bend, South Bend, Indiana: <br />Dear Madam: This letter has refernece to the crossing protection provided by the Grand Trunk. -, <br />Western Railroad at the intersection of $ts old single track lame with Carroll, Columvia , and <br />Fellows Streets, and Lincoln Way, East, in South Bends*'. Although City Ordinance No. 2736, date <br />December 10th, 1928, calls for twenty —four g hour protection at these crossings, we have since <br />hours <br />the new elevation line was put into operation in 1929, been protecting them only for twe�ive <br />daily between 6 :00 a.' m.' and 6 :00 p.' m The reduction in protection has its justification in tie <br />fact that the old line is now used only for switching moves which are regularly made only withi <br />• <br />the hours protected and -was made only after a verbal agreement has been made between our former <br />Bupertintendent Crawford and former Chief of Police Hatt in a discussion on the ground *` No. cha <br />ge <br />has been made in the-type of protection' flashlight .signals manually controlled:' <br />It was a part of the unferstanding between Mr.` Crawford and Chief of Police Hatt that the latte <br />° would <br />handle with the proper City authorities for confirmation of-the change.` The matter has been 1 <br />at <br />sight of since that time, and to bring our records up to date I would appreciate having your <br />advice as to what action has been taken on the part of the City in the way" authoriting the <br />_ <br />In the- evert tkat no to thism end as <br />reduct' hours protected at these goer crossings" ng <br />has <br />yet been done, may I suggest that the matter be placed before the Council in order that the <br />mn existing ordinance may be amended or a revised ordinance passed to cover the protection as <br />now afforded? Should there be anything that is, net clear in my request or should further, <br />information be desired as to condition at the crossings concerned, I would be glad to send some <br />ne <br />to South `Bend to meet repredentative of the Council, or to appear before the Coun,oil meeting <br />as a Committee of the Whole. Your truly, W' J.' Hagan, Superintendent:' On Motibon of Councilman <br />Oakley the Communication was accepted and was referred to the Sammx Traffic Committee to report <br />. "_Mntion_ carried. - °� <br />back to the Commite -e of __the Whole" <br />