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%3 <br />March 23rd, 1931: REGULAR MEETING. <br />MINUTES. <br />Be it Remembered that the Common Council met in the Regular Session in the Council <br />Chambers in the City Hall, Monday Evening, March 23rd, 1931, at the hour of 7:45 'oi clock P:` M. <br />All members present except Councilman Hiss.' President Nelson preszided: The Minutes of the <br />two previous meetings were read and on Motion of Councilman Hull were referred to the <br />Committee on the Inspection and Supervision of Minutes. Motion carried :' <br />PETITION. _ <br />TO THE COMMON COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF SOUTH BEND: <br />The Bendix Realty Company being the owner of all of the land bounded on the south by <br />Lincoln Way West; on the east by Maplewood Avenue, add on the north and west by the city limitq <br />respectfully shows to the Honorable Common Council of the City of South Bend that said <br />frontage was zoned as "A" residence distr1ot and "Al' height and area district by Ordinance No <br />2697 of the City of.South Bend, adopted March lat. 1928, which amended Ordinance No: 2331,.. <br />commonly known as the Zoning Ordinance, and it, respectfully petitions a3ld requests-laid Council <br />to adopt an ordinance changing the present zoning of said property so that the same shall be <br />zoned as "DO light industrial district and "FO height and area district. <br />Wherefore, the petitioner requests that you cause public notice to be given and public <br />hearings to -be had on --this proposal, and that thereafter you make the change herein prayed. for :` <br />Dated at South Bend, Indiana, this 19 day of February ,:1931 :' Bendix; Realty Company, by <br />E: M: Kasdorf, President, Attest: Walter J Buettner, Secretary,(Corporate Seal) Acknowledged <br />by both parties before Winfield J :` Tuttle, Notary,-Public in and for lkax St" Joseph County, <br />State of Indiana. On.- Motion of Councilman Gustin the etition was accepted by the Council and <br />referred to the City Plan Commission to report back to -the Committee of the Whole, also than <br />at Public Hearing- be- held April 6th 1931-at 7:30 o'clock P' M:' notion carried: <br />REPORT OF CITY CLERK'S CERTIFICATE OF PROOF OF PUBLICATION OF NOTICE TO TAXPATERS. <br />In the Matter of the Appropriation of the'sum of Thirty Nine Hundred Dollars 03900 :00) <br />from the General Fund of the City of South Bend, Indiana, to the Department of Public Works <br />for it's Street and Alley Department of the City of South Bend, Indiana, for the payment of <br />Two Graders for said Street and Alley Department -91 - <br />South Bend, Indiana, March 23rd, 1931: <br />I, Gladys _ M.' Monroe, City. Clerk of tie tie City of South Bend, Indiana, do hereby certify <br />that a copy of the - attached notice was published on March-13th and 20th, 1931 in the Evening <br />Editions of the South Bend News Times and the_Weekly Editions of The Mirror ( Press:) Ino:, botl <br />of the City of South Bend Indiana, also that I have posted notices in the following places, <br />to -wit: City Hall, South bend, Indiana, Telephone Pole at the South East corner of all on <br />West Madison St.' between North Michigan and North Main Streets; South Bend, Indiana:' <br />In Witness Whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and-affixed the Seal of the City of South <br />Bend, State of Indiana, this 23rd day of March, A. D. "1931 Glad s M Monroe, City Clerk: <br />( Official Seal axxzpax ( See files for proofs of publication) Theireport was accepted by the <br />Co$ncsl. <br />