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• f1 $ i <br />March 9th, 1931:' <br />SPECIAL MEETING. <br />MMTES . <br />Be it Remembered that the Common Council of the City of South Bend, Indiana, met in the <br />.ee.ial the Council Chambers in the City Hall, Monday evening March J) 16th, 1931, <br />at the hour of 7 :15 o'clock P:'M.' All Members present except Councilman Hiss. President Nelson <br />presided: <br />STATE OF INDIANA CALL FOR SPECIAL MEETIM <br />ST, JOSEPH 'COUNTY SS. OF THE COMMON COUNCIL. <br />CITY_.OF SOUTH -BEND <br />- - - - -- - -- ,..... -.- <br />To the Members-of-the Oommon Oouncil of . the Oity of South Bendy Inds anal <br />You are hereby notified that under and by virtue of the authority by law vested in me as <br />Mayor of the City of South Bend, of the State -of Indiana, a special meeting of the Oommom <br />Council of said City is hereby called to meet at the hour of 7 :15 o'clock P.'M., on Monday, <br />March 16, 1931, preceeding a meeting of the Committee of the Whole Council on said evening, f03 <br />the purpose of considering action upon the - following entitled ordinance:' <br />An ordinance ratifying a contract between the City of'South Bend, Indiana, and the Harmon- <br />Ness Company,- contractor.' _ <br />Dated this 14th day of March, 1931: _ <br />W:" Re Hinkle <br />Mayor of the City of South Bend, Indiana: <br />Countersigned; <br />Gladys M:` Monroe <br />City Oler <br />The within call came to hand this 14th day of March, 1931, which I served by reading the <br />.xame to each councilman, upon the date designated as follows: <br />Mr.' I:' W:' Cripe <br />on March <br />14th, <br />1931: <br />and by leaving a certified copy thereof at <br />the last and usual place of residence -of such <br />members as x was unable to f ind,as follows: <br />Geo ** F a Hull <br />on March <br />14th, <br />1931.' <br />Jos,':.: -8 Jaworski <br />on March <br />14th, <br />1931_ <br />Julius Altfeld <br />on March <br />loth, <br />1931 <br />John 0:' Hiss <br />on March <br />14th, <br />1931 <br />Glenn L Oakley <br />on March <br />14th, <br />1931 <br />Stephen C - Grzeskowiak <br />on March <br />14th, <br />1931 <br />Earl, S' Gustin <br />on March <br />14th, <br />1931 <br />Geo. Wf Goetz <br />on March <br />14th, <br />1931 <br />John 0 Nelson <br />on March <br />- 14th, <br />1931 <br />Andrew M:' Rokop <br />on March <br />14th, <br />1931 <br />Grover Do! Whiteman <br />on March <br />14th, <br />1931 <br />Dated this -14th day of March, 1931:' <br />Vernon <br />L:' Ellis #40 <br />_ <br />- UrMBER OF <br />SOUTH <br />BEND- POLI0E DEPARTMENT <br />The Report of, the Call for Special Meeting <br />was accepted by <br />the 0ouncil: <br />ORDINANCE NO .29214',' <br />An Ordinanoe ratifying a contract between the City of <br />South Bend,- Indiana, and the <br />Harmon -Ness Company, contractor: <br />The Ordinance was given its first reading by title, its second reading in full an d <br />Councilman Grzeskowiak makes a Motion -to suspend Rules which were voted on by the following <br />vote: Nelson, Whiteman, Rokop, Goetz, Hull, Jaworski, Altfeld, Oakley, Grzeskowiak, Cripe and <br />Gustin Ayes 11, Nays 0: Rules Suspended and- Ordinance goes to third reading: <br />Re Ordinance was given its third - reading by ti�tle.and was placed upon its passage and <br />passed by the following vote: Nelson, Whiteman,; Rokop, Goetz, Hull, Jaworski, Altfeld, Oakley, <br />Grzeskowiak, Oripe and Gustin, Ayes = 11, Nays 0." Ordinance adopted: <br />1,21mod, <br />On Motion of Councilman Rokop the Council adjourned at 7120 o'clock P.`M ' Motion carried:" <br />PRESIDENT <br />0 1 <br />�I <br />01 <br />