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# February 9th, 1931:' <br />MINUTES. <br />REGULAR-MEETING. <br />Be it, Remembered that the Common Council met in the Re ,lar Session in the Council Chambe <br />in the City Hall, Monday evening, February 9th, 1931, at the hour of 7:40 o'clock Po" Me' All <br />Members present except Councilman Rokop.' President Nelson presided :' The Minuteb of the previou <br />meeting were read and on Motion of Councilman Cripe were referredt to the Committee on the <br />Inspection and Supervision of Minutes. Motion carried.` <br />REPORT OF THE CITY CONTROLLER OF.THE CITY OF SOUTH BEND FOR THE MONTH.QF JANUARY 1931: <br />Balance on Hand First of. Month ........... ............................... 2$6 :313 :32 <br />Balance dan :'31, 1931 :...:............... ............................... , • <br />2 <br />Respectfully Submitted R" Ackermann City Controller, The report was accepted/ d rd %rWY � <br />be placed on file,: zx&x Motion carried *" <br />REPORT OF CITY PLAN COMMISSIOII *---- -_._ <br />South Bend, Ind: January 161. ,1931:' <br />To The Common Council,, City of South Bend, <br />Gentlemen: Ordinance for change of zoning classification of Lots #179 & 179 Roseland Addition <br />from commercial to residence district was considered by the City Plan Commission at a special <br />meeting January 15 aid. this change is not: recommend by them.' Respectfully, _,P., Moomaw, Secret <br />The report was accepted by the Council and ordered to be placedmx on file :' Motion carriedr' <br />REPORT OF CITY PLAN COMMISSION. <br />Sout4 Bend, Ind.' Dec :' 5th, 1930 <br />To the ®ommon Council,, City of South Bend: <br />Gentlemen: The City Plan Commission have not�yet taken action on the ordinance for change of <br />zoning classification of lots-4179 & 179 of the 2nd dayxo Plat-,of Roseland" Respectfully, D: <br />Moomaw, s.eete" The report was accepted by the Council and ordered to be pl.�xced on file: <br />Motion carried :' <br />REPORT OF_CITY PLAN.COISSION. <br />South Bend, Ind January 16, 1931: <br />To the Common Council, City of South Bendel <br />Gentlemen: Petition for, change of zoning classification-of lots in Fordham Add..' and Colonial <br />Gardens on Mishawaka Avenue waj considered by the City Plan Commission at_a special meeting <br />January 15 and action on-the same was deferred for farther information:' Respectfully, Dl <br />Moomaw, Secretary:' The report was accepted by the Council and ordered to be placed on filet <br />Motion Carried :' <br />f <br />• <br />'y. <br />k <br />