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January 12th, 1931' <br />- - MINUTES. <br />REGULAR MEETING. <br />Be it Remembered that the Common Council met in-the Regular Session in the Council Chamber <br />in the City Hall, Monday evening, January 12th, 1931 at the hour of 7 :30 o'clock P." M'' All <br />Members present*': Nelson presided :` The Minutes-of the previous meetingsX were read <br />and on Motion of Councilman Hull were referred to the Committee on the Inspection and Super- <br />vision of Minutes :'Motion carried <br />COMMUNICATION AND CONTIMATION OR RENEWAL CERTIFICATE <br />21 1931: <br />To the Honorable Council of the City of South Bend: <br />Pursuant to Chapter 211, Page 705, and in particular Section 2 thereof of the Acts -of the <br />General Assembly of the State of Indiana for the year 192% I hereby submit Continuation or <br />Renewal Certificate of bond issued by the Metropolitan Casualty Insurance Co: of New York in t} <br />amount of One Milli6n Nine Hundred Eighteen Thousand Four Hundred. Fifteen Dollars and Eighteen <br />Cents ($1,9181415 :'18), being one -half the amount collected during the year,1929 and constitutii <br />one -- half of the receipts z collected during said year under the Barrett Law :'. _- <br />This.Continuation or Renewal Certificate. is being submitted for approval by your Honorabl( <br />Body in accordance with the law herein abovelmentioned :' Respectfully, R Ackermann, City <br />Controller" _ <br />..,.... ... ... . . . ... <br />CONTINUATION CERTIFICATEp P p ' <br />Newark,r No" �J :,Fidelity andlSuretycDepart �tof New York. Eastern Department** l0 Park Place <br />CONTINUATION OR 'RENEWAL CERTIFICATE. <br />Bond No *' A077484 Amount of Bond $1.,918,415'19 Premium $71 296.'0�- <br />" <br />In Consideration of the sum of SEVEN =OUSAND TWO HUNDRED NINETY-SIX-and 04 /100 37,256,­b 4) DOL <br />THE METROPOLITAN CASUALTY INSURANCE COMPANY OF NEW YORK, hereby continues in force its Bond- -No:' <br />A -77484 in the a�amount;of ONE MILLION NINE HUNDRED EIGHTEEN'THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED FIFTEEN & 18/ <br />($1, 918'4l5 :'18) Dollars, on :behalf of Rudolph Aokermann, City Controller of-,-South Bend'., Indiana <br />inifavor of City of South Bend, Indiana of South Bend, Indiana for the.period beginning at 12 :0 <br />A. M. of the 6th day of January 1931, standard time at the.address of the Obligee above given, <br />and ending at 12 :01 A :1 M." of the 6th day of January 1932 standard time as aforesaid,•subject' <br />to all covenants and conditions as set forth and expressed in said bond heretofore issued$ <br />effective on the*6th day of January 1930" This Continuatidn Certificate is executed upon the <br />express condition that the Company's ldtability under said bond and this and all Continuation <br />Oertif icates- issued in connection therewith shall not be, cumulative and shall not in any event <br />exceed the amount of said bond as hereinbef ore set forth. <br />Dated at Indianapolis, Indiana this 29th_day_of December 1930: <br />THE METROPOLITAN CASUALTY INSURANOE'COMPANY OF NEW YORK <br />By Jackson K :'- Landers <br />( SEAL ) Attorney -in- fact <br />• <br />