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January 5th, 1931:' <br />ANSUAL MEETING. <br />MINUTES. <br />Be it Remembered that the Common Council,met,in. the Council Chambers in the City Hall <br />January 5th, 1931 at the :g hour of-7:30 o'clock P M: All Members present:' Vice— President <br />Hull presided* Hull next stated that it became the duty of the Council <br />to elect a Presiding Officer for the'ensu ng year and asked :the pleasure of the Council" <br />Councilman Jaworski nominates the name-of Councilman John C: Nelson., Councilman Cripe <br />seconds said Motion and Councilman- Rokop;make�s a Motion that Nominations be atassa Closed, <br />said Motion was-passed and Councilman John 0 , Nelson was elected President of the Council <br />by aclamation for the ensuing year or until his successor be elected and qualified:' <br />Whereas the next business in order was the election of a Chairman Pro -Tern or Vice <br />President: Councilman Altfeld nominates the name of Councilman Stephen 0: Grzeskowiak <br />as Vice President.' Councilman Jaworski seconds said Motion -and Councilman -Hull makes a <br />Motion that the Nominations be claosed, which Motion was carried -and Councilman Stephen 0' <br />Grzeskowiak was. declared duly elected Vice President of the Common Council for the ensuing <br />year or until his successor is elected and qualified: <br />The Clerk then casts the vote for the Offers elected: <br />Councilman John Oe" Nelson xhzz1sxehstvmazzs2xtkexd=_ tt1taexafz1bxz 1azte$z z�az <br />192$ resigns as Chairman of the Committee of the Whole. Councilman Cripe �mmxxsai�dz <br />rn egiat- Motion that the Resignation be accepted «'Councilman Hull seconds said Motion. <br />Councilman Whiteman makes_a Motion that Councilman John 0 Hiss act as- Chairman of the <br />Committee of the Whole: councilman Jaworski seconds said Motion and Councilman Altfeld <br />makes. a Motion that Nominations be claosed , which Motion was duly carried and Councilman <br />John�0 Hiss is duly elected as Chairman of the Committee of the Whole for the.ensuing year. <br />There being no further Business the Council adjourns on Motion of Councilman Rokop at <br />740 o'clock P M Motion carried:' <br />ATTEST APPROVED <br />i <br />CLERK VICE - PRESIDENT <br />