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055 <br />November 10t b.,19300" REGULAR MEETING* <br />MINUTES* <br />to it Remembered That the Common Council met in the Regular Session in the Council Chaiubare <br />in the City Halli Monday Evening November 10th, All Members present" <br />1930 at 7-50 o'clock P-IMS, <br />President Fegan pres-idedo'; The Mi-nutes of the previous meeting were read and on Motion of <br />Councilman Hull were referred to the Committpe on the Inp6peotion and Supervision.of Vinuteso, <br />Motion 0arriedel <br />REPORT OF THE CITY CONTROLLER OF THE CITY OF SOUTH'BEND'FOR THE-MONTH OF OCTOBER 1930:1 <br />Balano e on Hand First of Month . ............:...000.'..0....... 122,592:15 <br />Bal " on Hand Nov. � 11 1930 *_6*1 113:4550'86 <br />Res;e-otfully Submitted, Rel Aokermann, City Controller-*' 2kz On Motion of Councilman Rokop the <br />Report was accepted and ordered to be-'placed on file*" Motion carried*' <br />REPORT OF'CITY PLAN COMMISSION. <br />South Bend, Ind*" Nov: 10 — 30i <br />To the Common Council City of South Bend. <br />Gentlemen: Petition of Ed Bliler et al*'! for change of Zoning Classification of lots 13 1 to 20 <br />xkxt inclusive in the South Side Add*` from residence to Commercial was considered by the <br />City Plan'Oommis'sion at their regular meeting Nov` 6th and thi6change is approval.' It is to be <br />noted that lots #19 & 20 of the above are included in an ordinance for change together with- <br />4 other lots**' The 01ty Plan Commission recommends that the 12 lots included in the two <br />prop7osed oha-n es be combined into one- amendment -in order to avoid the possibility of dup1icatione' <br />Yours truly Moomaw., Sect * The report was accepted by -the 0ounoil*' <br />REPORT Or_CfTY*PLAN-00MMISSION4 <br />South Bend, -Ind*` Nov.' 10 — 1930 <br />To the Common Council, City of1..South_Ben&` <br />Gentlemen: Ordinance for ohange of zoning Classification of Lots-41 & 2 Mayris Vistula Ave.' <br />Add" Lots #178 4 179 , 2nd Plat of Roseland and Lota--#19,& 20 South Side Add" from Residence <br />to 6ommer6ial was considered by the City Plan 06mmission at their regular meeting Nov*" 6th and <br />the change is approved*' The City Plan Commission also notes that the aforesaid lots #19 & 20 <br />in the South Side Add* 'are included in a change petitions for which includes other lots on <br />Calvert Ste adjacent to suggest or recommend that in order to avoid duplication'the 12 lots-;be <br />included in ogre amendment Yours truly. Do Moomaw, Sect' Please note that the present. <br />classificationts, NBN residence andb"Ag-height and area instead of B & B is shown in the ordinance <br />D" Mo'� Seot**' The report was accepted <br />0, . by the Counoil*`'-, <br />REPORT OF CITY PLAN COMMISSION* <br />South Bend, Ind.''- Nov' 10 1930 <br />:p the Common Council, City of South Bend: <br />entlemenle Ordinance for change of zoning Classification of Lots 4,5 & 12 Kemble's-Add* I and <br />hots # 1*2t & 3 City Vievial-Add. from residence to commercial was aonsidered by the City Plan <br />Commission' at I their meeting Nov" 6th and this change is not reoommendedo' Yours truly,, D. <br />Moomaw,,, Sect*­_ Thereport was accepted by the Council. <br />REPORT OF-CITY CLERKS CERTIFICATE -'OY PROOF:OT PUBLICATION OF NOTICE TO TAXPAYERS. <br />In the Matter of the appropriation of the sum of Five Thousand One Hundred Dollars ($51000'! <br />00) from the General Fund of the City of South Bend, Indiana to the Department of Public Safety <br />for Equipmento� <br />