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054 <br />October 27th, 1930:' REGULAR MEETING. <br />MINUTES. <br />Be it Remembered That the Common Council met in the Regular Session in the Council <br />Chambers-in the City Hall, Monday Evening October 2Zth, 1930 at 7:35 O'clock P:IM 'All. <br />Members present except Councilmen Fegan , Hull and akley. President Fegan and Vi ce— Presiden <br />Hull being abzxsent .9' Councilman Whiteman makes a Motion-that Councilman John 00" Nelson act as <br />President Pro Temj' Said Motion-was mzxxiad seconded and carried by the Council, m d Councilm <br />John 06' Nelson presided at said Meeting:' The Minutes of the previous meeting were read and o <br />Motion-of Councilman Hiss, were referred to the Committee on the Inspection and Supervision <br />of Minutes *` Motion carried: <br />REPORT OF MM COMMITTEE ON MINUTES. <br />To the °Common - Council of the City of South Bend <br />Your Committee on the inspection and supervision of the Minutest wouldm respectfully rep <br />that__they have inspected the minutes -of the previous meeting &f the Council and found them <br />correct:' They therefore recommend that the same be approved: Glen L;.' Oakley, J. 00' Hiss, <br />Stephen 0: Grzeskowiak, Committee:' South Bend, Ind: Sept: 22, 1930 0` The report was accepted <br />by the Council:' Motion carried. <br />ORDINANCE N0. <br />An Ordinance amending certain parts of Ordinance 2331, coiAmonly' known as the Zoning <br />Ordinance.' <br />The Ordinance was given its first reading by title, its second reading in-, ull and on <br />Motion of Councilman - Gi.stin was referred to the City Plan Commission to report back to the <br />Committee of the Wholei`Valijaax1exxaia" also that a Public Hearing be held,-November 17th! <br />1930 at 7 :30 o'clock . P*'' M*'! Motion carried:` <br />ORDNINANCE N0. <br />An Ordinance appropriatzing the sum of Seven Hundred Dollars ($700000) from the General. <br />Fund of the City of. South Bend Indiana to the Board of:' Public Safety of said City for <br />erecting and Painting Street Singns' <br />The Ordinance was given its first reading by title, its second reading in full and on <br />Motion of Cou=111 man Whiteman was referred to the Committee of the Whole, also that a <br />Public Hearing be held November 17th, 1930 at 7:30 01 clock Pe" M*' Motion carried.' <br />On Motion of Councilman Altfeld, the Council adjourned at 8:55x00 of clod,L P M:' Motion <br />carried: <br />% PRESIDENT PRO TEM*. <br />• <br />0:1 <br />0I <br />0 <br />