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October 13th, 1930: REGULAR MEETING. <br />MINUTES. <br />Be it Remembered That the Common Council met in the Regular Session in the Council <br />Chambers in the City Hall, Monday Evening October 13th, 1930 at the hour of 7:35 0 clock P.` M:; <br />All Members present.' President Fegan presided..The Minutes of the previous meeting were read <br />and on Motion of Councilman. Hull were referred to the Committee on the Inspection and Super- <br />vision of Minutes. Motion carried:. <br />PETITION. <br />To the Common Council of the City of South Bend <br />We the undersigned owners of the real estate situated in the City of South Bend, St:' <br />_Joseph County, Indiana, described as follow., t6-wit:-Lots 13,1-,15 :16,17,15,19 and 20 in the. <br />South Side Addition, as plated by the Fidelity Land Company, respectfully petition that the .. <br />same bea re -zoned in accordance with the City Ordinance No.'.2331, approved June 25, 1923: , and <br />commonly known`as the Zonin Ordinance, from "B Residence" to 110 Commerciak" and "A" Height and <br />Area" to "D Height and AreaWol Respectfully submitted, (Signed by 12 signers ) On Motion of <br />Councilman Nelson the Petition was referred to the City Plan Commission to report back to the <br />Committee 6f the Wholes . also that a Public hearing be held November 11'0th, 1930. Motion carried: <br />REPORT OF THE CITY CONTROLLER OF THE CITY OF SOUTH BEND: FOR THE MONTH OF SEPTEMBER 1930.' <br />Balance on Hand First of Month ..... .... .......:....................... 243,102.91 <br />Balance on Hand Oct.' 1, �0.......... .. ............................... 122,5920115 <br />Respectfully Submitted, R.' Aekermann, City Controller, Motion of Councilman Rokop the <br />Report was accepted and ordered to be placed on file"' Motion carried.' <br />REPORT OF COMMITTEE ON MINUTES. <br />To the Common Council of the City of South Bend: <br />Your Committee_on the inspection and supervision of the minutes, would respectfully <br />report that they have inspected the minutes_of the previous meeting of the Council and found <br />them correct: They terefore recommend that the same be approved*' Oakley, Stephen 00' <br />Grzeskowiak, John 00'i Hiss, Committee: South Bend, Ind: Sept: 8th, 1930:' Thea report was <br />accepted by the Council:' <br />REPORT OF THE CITY PLAN; COMMISSION. <br />South Bend, Ind: 2ztxkJmxl93@ <br />To the Common Council, City of South Bend:' <br />Gentlemen: Ordinance for change of zoning Classification of Dots #3. & 10 College Grove Add:' <br />aasredneider6d At,ea�ffiegting of the City Plan Commission Sept: 4th,- where it was referred <br />to a Committee for investigation" This Oommittee..reports that action on this change be held <br />over to the next meeting and nob: otion was taken:' Respectfully, D.` Moomaw, Sect.' -The report <br />was accepted by the Council.` <br />REPORT OF CITY PLAN COMMISSION.` <br />