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September 22nd, 1930: <br />REGULAR MEETING . <br />4 <br />MINUTES. <br />Be it Remembered That the Common Council met in the Regular Session in the Council Chambers <br />in the City Hall, Monday Evening September 22nd, 1930 at the. hour of 7x50 oIclock P: M _All <br />,members presentie except Councilman Rokop and Altfeld:_President Fegan presided*" Minutes of <br />-_the previous meetings waesewere read and on Motion of Councilman Hull were referred to the <br />Committee on the Inspection and Supervision of Minutes. Motion carried.' <br />PETITION. <br />We the undersigned property owners m d / or parents hereby petition to the common council <br />of the Oity of South Bend, that a railroad watchman be stationed at the intersection of the <br />New York Central railroad and Twyckenham Drive ( Kline Street ) in.order that pro er protection <br />may be given school children crossing the tracks to and from the Lincoln School. Signed by <br />32 signers ).' On Motion of Councilman Oripe the Petition was accepted and referred to the <br />Committee of the Whole Motion carried.' <br />PETITION. <br />September 153, 1930:` <br />To the City 0ouncil# of South Bend, Indiana.' <br />Gentlemen: I hereby petition your honorable body to change the name Hermosa Court to Hermosa <br />Place. The said party signing petition is the sole owner of the said Court, located at the 500 <br />block on Haney .Avenue.' A.' Wf.' Hubbard` Sole BvJner, ' On Motion of Councilman Nelson the <br />Petition was PEFBMfl to the Committee of the Whole.` Motion carried:'. <br />REPORT OF THE CMTY 1PBAN 00MM'ISS110=13 <br />South Bend Aug: 1 1930: <br />To the 04mmon Council, City of South Bend: <br />Gentlemen; Petition of Michael Vanslager et al for change of zoning classification of property <br />on Lincoln Pay West from Sherman Ave* to Blaine Abve:' was considered by the City Plan Commission <br />at a meeting held lily 31st and this change is not recommended: Respectfully, D: Moomaw, Sect.' <br />The report was accepted byx:kkaxAa16y the Council and ordered to be placed on file.'Motion <br />REPORT OF THE CITY PLAN COMMISSION. T <br />car <br />