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: 44 August 25th, 1930: REGULAR MEETING. <br />10 <br />MINUTES. <br />Be it.Remembered' that the Common Council met in the Regular Session in-the Council <br />Chambers in-the City Hall, Monday Evening August -25th, 1930 at the =x hour of 7 :551 M oiclool <br />P M All Members present except Councilmen Nelson and Cripe:'President Fegan presided..' The <br />Minutes of the previous meeting were read and on Mption of Councilman Hull were referred to <br />the Committee on the Inspection and Supervision of Minutes.' Motion carried. <br />. <br />PETITIO_N. <br />To the Honorable City Council:' - - - <br />Gentlemen: We the un dersigned propert owners and residents of South Bend, Ind. are ofthe <br />opinion the n Free Loving Picture Show:1- accompained by a phonograph operated in the 2100 Block <br />So. Michigan St is a 0 Public Nuisance":' <br />We petition you to-have it eliminated. It is noisy — disorderly - destructive to our lawns <br />paper and trash left to blow about the neighborhood. Crowd gathers early — uproar continues for <br />hours. No rest is possible until after the show.-has finished: It"opgrates every night except <br />ftndaye'- Signed ( by 30•signers ) On Motion of Councilman Hull the etition was referred to <br />the Board of:' Public Safety. <br />REPORT THE CITY PLAN COMMISSION. <br />-OF <br />South Bend Aug:' 1 1930:! <br />Gentlemen: Petition of Morris Burke et al.'for change of height and area district classificat <br />on <br />of lot at the _Northwest corner of Michigan and Garst Streets was taken up at a meeting of the <br />City Plan'Commission July 31:1 This change as requested,to bz "Oil height m d area district is <br />not approved by the City Plan Commission but it does recommend -that the change be made to the <br />OF" height and area district and that such change be made to include the west side of Michigan, <br />Ste' from Sample; street to Garst St. Respectfully D Moomaw, Sect: The report was acceptexc.. <br />by the Council:' <br />REPORT OF.THE CITY PLAN COMMISSION. <br />- <br />SOUTH BEND Aug 1 1930.1 <br />To the Common Council, City of South Bend.` <br />Gentlemen: Ordinance for change of zoning classification of certain lots in Shetterly Place, <br />.' <br />Shetterly Place 2nd Add:' Studebaker Bros. Mfg.` Co: Subdivision of lot 112 and in the Agriculturel <br />Society Add:' all having frontage on Portage Ave*` as shown on the -accompanying plate" This <br />ordinance was considered at a meeting July 3.1 of the City Plan Commission and this change is no <br />recommended. Respectfully, D'Moomaw, Sect.' The report was accepted by the Council.' <br />REPORT OF CITY CLERK1S.CERTIFICATE_OF-PROOF OF PUBLICATION OF NOTICE TO TAXPAYERS. <br />In the Matter of the appropriation of the sum of Twenty eight Thousand Eight Hundred and <br />Fifty Dollars ($28,9500"00) from the�General Fund to'the Street-and alley Department and the - <br />Street Repair Department forthe purpose of the payment, of Salaries in said Departments an d oche <br />- expenses in said Departments.'° <br />10 <br />