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ti, <br />4, <br />August 11th, 1930: REGULAR MEETING. <br />MINUTES. <br />Be it Remembered that the Common Council met in the Regular Session in-the Council <br />Chambers in the City Ball, Monday Evening August llth, 1930 at the hour of 7:45 o'clock Pe' M:`q <br />All Members present except Councilman Nelson, President; Fegan presided. The &mutes of the <br />two previous meetings were read sand on Motion of Councilman Hull were referred to the Committee <br />on the Inspection and Supervision of Minutes*'. Motion carried <br />REPORT OF THE'CITY CONTROLLER OF THE CITY OF SOUTH'BEND FOR THE MONTH OF-JULY l Oe <br />Balance on Hand First of Month ,9 <br />Ball' on hand Aug:' 1, 1930 .................... ......:.............. 348,930.07 <br />Respectfully Submitted, Re- Ackermann, City Controller:' On Motion -of Councilman Rokop the <br />Report was accepted bythe Council :`Motion carried' <br />REPORT OF TIM CITY PLAN QOMMISSION <br />South Bend, Ind:' July 3rd, ;930:' <br />T6�the Common Council, City of South Bend.' <br />Gentlemen: - Action on_.Petition of Sam L eeper et al for change of zoning of tract of land on <br />Leeper Ave at,Peashway St:' was deferred by the City Plan CommissboxLi at their meeting July 2nd. <br />Respectfully, D91 Moomaw, Sect: The report was accepted by the Council:' <br />REPORT OF CITY.PLAN COMMISSION. <br />South Bend Aug 1 1930:' <br />To the Common Council, City of South Bend. <br />Gentlemen: - Petition of Sam Leeper for change of Zoning` Classification of property on West side <br />of Leeper Ave. south of Peashway street was considered by the City Plan Commission at -their <br />meet inga July 2nd, 16th and 31st at which latter meeting action was taken unfavorable to the <br />proposed change. Respectfully Do'. Moomaw, Sect*` The reporM)W ,accepted by the Council. <br />REPORT OF CITY PLAN COMMISSION. South Bend Aug. 1 1930: <br />To the Common_ Council, City of South Bend:'_ <br />ication of Lot <br />Gentlemen: - Petition of Francis and Mary Alward for change of Zoning Class if 4 <br />moon's lst Add :` was the City Plan Commission at a meeting July 31stA.This change <br />is-not recommended in as much as an ordinance subsequently introduced proposading a similar <br />ohange, includes this lot Respectfully, D '.Moomaw, Sect: Then rgpott was accepted by_the Counei <br />REPORT OF CITY PLAN COMMISSIXON. <br />%o a Common C 11,01' o S , 1 1930. <br />Gen ement - PeRHon o B: ill er eVhaBefor change of zoning classification on Elwood:. Ales" <br />from Johnson St` to Huej St.' was considered at a meeting of the City Plan Commission July 31st., <br />and this change i,s recommended by them: Respectfully, D:' Moomaw, Sect: The report was accepted <br />x by the •A'221 .i1 .' - - <br />