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i 5 _ <br />July 31st 1930: SPECIAL MEETING• <br />MINUTES. <br />Be it Remembered that the dommon Council met in the Special Session in the Council Cha <br />in the City Hall,Turady* 'few ®nngy31+�t, 1930 tat 7:30 o'clock P.' M. All members; present <br />except Councilman Nelson, President Fegan presided. <br />STATE OF' INDIANA CALL FOR SPECIAL MEETING <br />ST. JOSEPH COUNTY SS: <br />CITY OF SOUTH BEND OF THE COMMON COUNCIL• <br />To the Members of the Common Council of the City of South Bend, Indiana: <br />Lazarus Altfeld, Councilman in the Third Ward of the City of South'Bend, having tendered hi <br />resignation and resigned as a Member of the Common Ocgncil of said City, you are hereby notified <br />that a special meeting of the Common Council of said City is hereby called to meet at the hour <br />of 7:30 o'clock P M•, on Thursday, July 31st, 1930, at its council chamber, City Hall, said <br />City for the purpose of filling the vacancy in the office of Councilman for the <br />Third hard of this City by the Common Council, am by law prmovided' <br />Dated This 29th day of July, 1930: <br />W R' Hinkle <br />Official Seal) Mayor of the City of South Bend, Indiana:! <br />Gladys M.' Monroe <br />City Clerk:' <br />The within call came to.hand this 29 day of July, 1930, which I served by reading the <br />same to each councialman, upon the date designated as follows: <br />E.' S: Gustin on July'293, 1930:1 <br />I W: Oripe On July 29, 1930: <br />Joseph S Jaworski on July 29, 1930: <br />and by leaving a certified copy thereof at the last and usual place of residence of such <br />members alas I was unable to find, as follows: <br />Jn4b Hiss <br />on <br />July <br />292. <br />1930:1 <br />Andrew Rokop <br />on <br />July <br />291. <br />1930•) <br />Grover Whiteman <br />on <br />July <br />29,. <br />1930.1, <br />Glen L•' Oakley <br />on <br />July <br />29, <br />1930. <br />Geo Hull <br />-1 <br />om <br />July <br />29, <br />1930: <br />Jno Nelson <br />on <br />July <br />29t <br />1930 <br />Walter Fegan <br />on <br />July <br />291 <br />1930.1i <br />Steven C.' Grzeskowiak <br />on <br />July <br />29, <br />1930•' <br />Dated this 29th day of July, 1930' <br />Guy M#71 Williams <br />Member of .South Bend Police Department: <br />The report x ofthe Call was accepted by the Councill <br />NOTIOE <br />State of Indiana MOTIVE OF INTENTION TO FILL VACANOY. <br />St: Joseph County SS: <br />City of South Bend <br />Notice is hereby given to the inhabitants of the City of South Bend, Indiana, that a vacancy <br />has occured in the office of Councilman in the' Third Ward of said City by the resignation of <br />Lazarus Altfeld, the duly.elected and qualified Councilman therein, and that the vacancy thus <br />occasioned will be filled by the Common Council of said City at a spexcial meeting thereof, calle <br />to meet at 7:30 o'clock P: M.' on the 31st day of July, 1930, at its council chamber: <br />Dated this 28th day of July, 1930. <br />' - Glad vs lSi�< Monroe <br />City Clerk*- <br />State of Indiana, St: Joseph County, SS: <br />I, Gladys Me" Monroe, City Clerk of the City of South Bend, State of Indiana, do hereby oertl <br />that the above Notice of Intention to Fill Vacancy was published ;in the Evening Editions of the <br />South Bend News Times and the South Bend Tribune July 29th, 1930:' <br />In Fitness: Whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed: the Seal. of the City of South Be <br />Indiana, this 30ttr day of July, A ' D411 1930: Gladys M Monroe, City Clerk, ( Official Seal) <br />( See Files for proofsof publication.) The report of Publication was accepted by the Oounci] ) <br />resident Fegan next stated that Nominations were in order for Councilman of Third Ward: <br />Councilman. Hull nominates the name of David Hurwich, Counci].mXQNIOPconds said Motion:' Oouno9 <br />Hull` asks for a Rmll Call and the following is the vote on sa omination. Oa le <br />Oripe a Gustin voting Aye:' Fegan, Whiteman, Rokop, Jaworski, Hips Hiss/ %�feF <br />4, Naysbo Motion Lost. <br />RESOLUTION INTRODUCED BY COUNCILMAN GROVER ML D• WHITEMAN4 <br />WHEREAS, on account of the resignation of Lazarus Altfeld, as Councilman for the Third -Ward <br />of the City of South Bend, Indiana, a vacancy has occurred.. in the office of councilman for the <br />Third.Ward of'thisCity of which resignation this Council was duly informed at its regular <br />session on July 29th, 1j30; and <br />WHEREAS, a special meeting of this Council has been called, of which due notice has been. <br />givemn, to fill said vacancy, therefore; <br />BE IT RESOLVED that Julius Altfeld; a duly qualified residenct of the Third Ward of the Oit <br />of South Bend, Indiana, be and he is hereby elected. Councilman of the City of South Bend in be <br />and he is hereby elected Councilman of the City of South Bend in the Third Ward$ to fill the <br />unexpired- term of said Lazarus Altfeldt resigned, and / or until his successor is elected: <br />Councilman Hull makes a Motion for a Rdll Callon said Resolution and the following is the vote: <br />Fegan, Whiteman, Rokop, Jaworski , Hiss, and Grzeskowiak voting Ape, Hull, Oakley, Cripe and <br />Gustin voting Nay.' Ayes 6, Nays 4, Resolution adopted: <br />On Motion of Counckilman Hull the Council adjourned at 7 :40 o'clock P M Motion carried:' <br />ATTEST <br />'PAS''.gi'flENT. <br />