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23rd, 1930: <br />REGULAR MEETING* <br />MINUTEB. <br />Be it.Remembered that the Common Council met in the Regular Session in the Council <br />chambers in the City Hall, Monday evening June 23rd, 1930 at the hour of 8 :00 o'clock P.' M: <br />611 Members present except Councilman Nelson and Altfeld. President Fegan presided. The <br />linutes of the two previous pxz meetings were read and on Motion of Councilman Hull were <br />eferred to the Committee on the Inspection and.Supervision of Minutes: Motion carried: <br />'ETITION. <br />South Bend, Indiana, May 23! 1930:` <br />We the undersigned resident freeholders hereby petition the Common Council of the City <br />rf South Bend to change the name of Division Street to Western Avenue. ( Signed by 15 signers.). <br />>n Motion of Councilman Cripe the Petition was referred to the . Committee of the Whole.' Carried.' <br />'ETITION. South Bend, Indiana June 17th, 1930; <br />'o the Honorable Common Council of the City of South Bend, Ind:' <br />gentlemen: Nem the undersigned property owners, petition your honorable body to change the <br />Lame of Bendix Drive North of Bertrand Street from Bendix Drive to Eclipse Place* Your <br />tespectfully, ( signed by 11 signers ) On Motion of Councilman Whiteman, the Petition was <br />. eferred to the Committee of the Whole* Motion carried.` <br />'ETITION. I <br />'o the City Council of the City of South Bend: <br />We, the undersigned, owners of the property herein <desctibed, respectfully petition your <br />ionorable Body, in accordance with Ordinance No -2331 adopted June 25th., 1923 and commonly <br />mown as the Zoning Ordinance,. that Lots Nos:' 28, 2 ?, 30 and 31 in Burroughts Au :jivision to <br />;he City of South Bend Indiana may be Chan gged from N Residence and KBN Height and Area Distrit <br />;o 000 Commercial Sand- IIE" Height and Area District: spectfully submitted., D4tej June 6th,1930 <br />tichael Kelley, H. A. good Realty Co.' H ray A Nood C:'M: Starr Q M Thilman* On Motion <br />of Councilman Hull the Petition was /xlMia t he City Plan Commission to report back to the <br />;ommittee of the Whole,. also that a Public Hearing be held July 7th 1930. otion- carried:' <br />'ETITIQN. - South Bend, Indiana, June 2nd, 1930' <br />'o the Honorable Members of the Common Council of the City of South Bend <br />gentlemen: The undersigned, would represent and show to the members Of the Common Council that <br />;hey are the owners of the following described tract, ^.situate in the City of South -Bend, S; <br />Joseph County, State of Indiana, to -wit: Beginning at the Southwest corner of the-intersection <br />►f Peashaway Street and kW Leeper Avenue thence= ;running.. South on the Nest line of Leeper <br />►venue a distance of Three Hundred Eighty t380):feet; thence West-to-the right of way of the <br />lichigan Central Railroad; thence North along the East line of said right of way to Pelshaway <br />4treet, thence East along t}e South line of Feashaway Street to the place of beginning. <br />'our Petitioners, would further represent that said described tract according to the building <br />lode and zoning ordinance of the City of South Bend,-is--:in A residence and A area and that <br />your petitioners request that thexcommon council to change sait classification tol residence <br />mod Q area.' Sam_ L er, O.' A Clark.' On Motion of Councilman Oakley the Petition was- accepted <br />end referred to the City Plan Commissibim to report back to the Committee of the - Whale, also <br />hat a Public Hearing be held Jul th, 199330 at 7:30 o'clock P' M. Motion carried:' <br />`EPORT OF THE CITY B CONTROLLER OF THE CIR OF SOUTH BEND-FOR THE MONTH OF MAY 1930: <br />ala�nce on Hand First of Month ....... ...........:........... 268,847.18 <br />lal: on hand June 1, -1930 L•••_............... :. ..... 276,97390 <br />