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26th. 19300 REGULAR MEETING* <br />MINUTES* <br />Be it Remembered that the Common Council met in the Regular.Session in the Council Chambes <br />in the OitybHall,, Monday evening May 26th, 1936'at the hour of 7:45 o'clock P* M. All Members <br />present except Councilmen Nelson and Hull*_ President F6gan presided* The Minutes of the <br />previous meeting were read and on Motion of Councilman Altfeld was referred to the Committee <br />`on the Inspection and Supervision of Minutes. Motion carried*" <br />PETITI-010", <br />To the Ronorable Cbmmon Council of the City of_South Bend, Indiana:7- <br />We, the undersigned ownersmof the property herein described, respectfully peti*ion your <br />Honorable body to amend 6rdinance 16'1-2331 adopted June 25- 1923, and commonly known as the <br />Zoning Ordinance, that Lot #4&-,Shetterly_Piaoe may be changed from B residence and B height and <br />area district to 0 Commercial and theight -and area districts RespectfullTy submitted, Pliny <br />Nave, Daniel DO` Schurtz, R.l To"Miller Estate Arthur Moon, Trustee*' On Motion of Councilman <br />Rise the Petition was referred to the City Plan Commission to report back to the Committee of <br />the Whole, also that a Public Hearing be held June 16th., 1930 at 7:30 o'clock Po M. Motion <br />carried;' <br />COMMUNICATION.- <br />Communication addressed to Councilman Walter Fegan from the Veterans organizations of the <br />City .of South Bend, Indiana, inviting. the Zz= ILembers'of the Common Council to take part in the <br />Memorial Day Exercises Friday May 30t 1930 a*nd to meet at the old Court House on Lafayette <br />Blvd#' at 11 9:3-0 A* M..;j Signed by Warren So" Johnson, Committee*' Also the following oommunicatioz, <br />received'Hay 26th, 1930 addre ' sset to the South Bend City Council givin-g.notice that the time <br />had been changed from 9:30 Ao"Mo' to 2-30 P for the Memorial Day Exercises to accommodate <br />the wishes of the G*_ A*' R. Veterans. Signed by Warren Z* �Johnson*"`_Oft Motion of Councilman <br />Whiteman the Communications were accepted.and ordered to be placed on x file*` Motion carriedi' <br />REPORT OF THE - CITY COMEMIER'-OF"THE CITY OF­SOUTH'-BEND FOR THE 'MONTH � OF APRIL 1930:' <br />Bal�nae on Rand First of Month:,..0 0 0 0 * 0 0 0 * 0 0 * 0 f�v e 0 0 0 0 0 * 0 0 . a 0 6 0 # 4 0 0 $293,v2 <br />.1� 431,45 <br />Bala on Hand May 1. 1930� 268o8 7-18 <br />Respectfully Submitted,, &-,Ackermann, City 0ontroller*` On Moii;W;f Councilman Cripe the <br />Report was accepte& by the Council*- <br />REPORT OF COMMITTEE:ON"KINUTES0 <br />To the Common Council of the City of"South Bend: <br />Your Committee on the inspection and supervision of the minutes, would respectfully <br />report that they have inspected the minutes ofthe previous meeting of the Council and found <br />them correct: They therefore recommend that the same be approvedo" Glen ti L.- Oakley, Stephen <br />C*_1 Grzeskowiak, and J: C,*1 Hiss,, Committee*" South Bend, Ind. April 29th, 1930*'! The report was <br />accepted by the Council*-' <br />REPORT OF BOARD OF SAFETY ON PITITWK, <br />