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mfr r <br />lty 12th, 1930: REGULAR MEETING. <br />MINUTES. <br />Be it Remembered that the Common Council met in the Regular Session in the Council Chambers <br />in the City Hall, Monday Evening May 12th, 1930; at the hour of 7- 50. -of clock. P. M All Members <br />present except Councilman Altfeld,. Sa-President Fegan presided. The Minutes of the previous <br />meeting were read and on Motion of Councilman Hull were referred "to the Committee on the <br />Inspedtion and Supervision -of Minutes.' Motion - carried. <br />REPORT-, 0E- _.CII'Y...CLtA'S S- '-CERTIFICATE - OF PROOF 07_PtiBVICATI4A OT`10TICE ~: Tor TAXPAYERS:' <br />it I A the utter of the appropriation of the sum of four Hundred and Eighty ,J$480 oo) <br />D611AA, from the General Fund of the City of South Bend,.Indiana, to-the Judicial Department <br />for Transportation of the Probation-Offioer: - <br />South Bend: Indiana, May 5th: 1934: <br />I, Gladys M `Monroe, City Clerk of'-the City of South Bend, Indiana, do hereby certify <br />that a copy of the attached notice was published on April-18th,, i and Apr l 25th,`1930 im th4 <br />Evening Editions of the South Bend Nears Times and the Meekly Publications of The Mirror, of toe <br />City of South Send, Indiana, also that I have posted notices in the following places, to -wit: <br />City Hall,, South Bend, Indiana, Court House,-South Bend, Indiana, Telephone Pole at South <br />side of West LaSalle Avenue between -North Midbigan and Main Streets, South Bend, Indiana. <br />In "fitness Whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the Seal of the C:t Of f <br />South Bend Indiana, this 5th day of May, A� D 1930.' Gladys M` Monroe, City Clerk I ficial <br />Seal) I ( he files for proofs of publication.) The report was accepted by the Council. <br />REPORT OF _CITYr�'LAN COMMISSION _ <br />Map 5th, 1930:' <br />To the Common Council, City ofvSouth Bend, <br />Gentlemen: At the May lst meeting of the City Plan Commission the; change of height and area, <br />district petitioned for by Whitcomb & Keller et al. zas affecting certain property on W' <br />Colfax Ave: was approved: Respectfully, D' Moomaw, Seat: The report was accepted by the Council <br />REPORT OF CITY PLAN COMMISSION:' <br />May 5:kk, 193© <br />Gentlemen: Petition of Antoinette H ,Crockett et al: for channgge of zoning classification of <br />property at in Burroughs Subdivision was considered by the City Plan Commission at their meetin; <br />May lst� and this change is approved by them. Respectfully, D. Moomaw, Sect. The report was <br />accepted by the Council.' <br />REPORT 07' COMMITTEE" ON " "BINUTES <br />To the Common Council of.the City of South Bend: <br />Your Committee on the inspection and supervision of the minutes would respectfullyr report <br />that.they have inspected the minutes of the previous meeting of the 66uncil and found them corre, <br />Thep therefore recommend that theme same be ap roved: Glen L: Oakley, Stephen C Grzeskowiak, <br />J C- Hiss Committee: South Bend Ind.' April 14th, 1930: The report was accepted by the Counci; <br />REPORT 'or In COMMITTEE OF THE WHOLE. ° <br />