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,- 614 <br />February 24th, 1930. REGULAR MEETING.. <br />MINUTES. <br />Be it Remembered that the Common Council met in the Regular Session in the Council Chambers <br />in the City Hall., Monday evening February 24th, 1930 at the hour of 7 :55 o'clock P. M. All Membe: <br />present except Councilmen Nelson,- Jaworski and Hiss-. President Fegan presided. The Minutes of th <br />previous meeting-were read -and on Motion of Councilman Hull were referred to the Committee on <br />the Inspection and Supervision of Minutes.. Motion carried. <br />COMMUNICATION, <br />South Bend, Indiana, February 22, 1930. <br />To the Honorable Members of the Common Council-of the City of South Bend, Indiana. <br />Sirs:- Enxclose herewith a resoltion for your kind consideration and action, me:morialzing Cong: <br />of the United States to anact House Resolution 9143 for the payment in full the face value of <br />adjusted'- service certificates to the World's, War- Veterans -. <br />From the informations received United States Treasury report shows that on June 30 last fffiu: <br />to redeem all adjusted compensation certificates of the expiration of 20 years from date was <br />$514;578,991.21 net, Also that 85- ,375,998.47 has been paid out during the fiscal year on claims <br />allow d or loans made from= -said fund at the United States Veterans Bureau. <br />�he loans on the adjusted- service certificates made direct to the.World's War Veterans- is v <br />The ifiterest on them is eating up the principal. Thousands �..of the World's War Veterana today all <br />over the country are in dire need. <br />There is another view that our g Government at present time, should tame the matter. up of p <br />off these adjusted - service certificates. Business is stagnant in this country, unemployment is <br />evidenced all over the United States . Huner and destitution stalk the streets, in may centers o <br />population and industry, and many of the men, who-, withour fault of their own, are in these <br />suffering; ranks, are men who Bore: arms in the Wold -War, and to whoT our Government owes an <br />adjusted.compensaton. If the present ses -sion of our Congresa. would get together and pay these <br />claims of the Worldla War Veterans in full. the face value-of adjusted service certificates, the <br />money would flow into the ch4nnels of business;, the whee:lm of industry would again hum,; the <br />manufacturers- and merchants'Would have again a. large body of customers, able to buy their produc <br />and the unemployment would -be removed and the -hunger from many homes. <br />The Common Council of the City of South Bend, Indiana, sould act favorably on• enclose <br />resolution,and memorialize Congress of the United States to enact legislation which provide fmr <br />the effective carrying out of the provisions of the said bill H. R. 9143", Very cordially, yours, <br />Ignatius K. Werwinski. On Motion of Councilman Hull the Communication was accepted and ordered <br />to be placed on file. Motion carried, <br />PETITION _ -- - - - <br />S <br />s s. <br />C7 <br />:ry lar e a <br />Lying <br />S, <br />