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January 27th, 1930. REGULAR MEETING <br />MINUTES_. <br />Be it Remembered that the Common Council of the City of South Bend,. Indiana, met in <br />the Regular Session in the Council Chambers in the City at Hall, Monday evening January 27ti, <br />1930 %at the hour of 8;05 o'clock P. M. All Members present. President Fegan presided. 2kf <br />All:zltombKEzz .prxxxxtxxRxacxxdxxt The Minutes of the previous meeting were-read and on Motion of <br />Councilman Hull were referred to the Committee on the Inspection and Supervision of'Minutes. <br />Motion carried. <br />PETITION. <br />TO THE HONORABLE COMMON COUNCIL OF THE <br />XNE CITY OF SOUTH BEND`$ INDIANA.. <br />WHEREAS the General- Assembly-of the State of Indiana in its 76th Regular Session enacte d <br />a law, being'Chapter 199 of the 1929 Acts of the said General Assembly, approved March 16t7g, <br />1929, authorizing the Common Council of a City of the Second Clasm-of said State to adopt, <br />upon petition signed by all of the members of the Park Board* of such city, by ordinance, <br />an Act concerning the Department of Public Parks in cities of the first class, approved <br />March 14, 1919. <br />Now, therefore, the undersigned,: being all.of the members of the Board of Park <br />Commissioners of the City of South Bend,. Indiana, City of the Second Class of said.State, in <br />special session duly assembled, do hereby respectfully petition your honorable body, as <br />authorized by the said Act,. Chapter 199,of the 1929 Acts of the General Assembly of the State <br />of'-Indiana, approved March 16, 1929, to:adopt by ordinance " An Act concerning the"' Departmeb- nt <br />of "Public.Parks" in cities of the first class, defining its powers-and duties,.ereating a <br />taxing district for park purposes in of the first class,, repealing conflicting laws,. <br />and emergency," approved March 14, 1919, and acts amendatory tjAereof.or supplement <br />thereto, as the law which shall from and after the adoption of such ordinance apply to the said <br />City of South Bend and regulates and govern the Department of.Public Parkss of said City of - <br />South Bend, and-'that said act of 1919 be incorporated in said Ordinance. <br />Respectfully submitted, January 27, 1930 . Richard E1bel, Otis S.'Romine, Geo.. H. Wheelock, <br />David Fi.schgrund, Members- of`the Board,of Park Commissionerspf the City of South Bend,, <br />Indiana. On Motion of Councilman Hull the Petition was accepted and ordered to be placed on <br />file. Motion carried. <br />MOTION. <br />