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f <br />y 13th, 1930. REGULAR MEETING. <br />MINUTES <br />it Remembered that the Common Council - of the City of South Bsnd, Indiana, met in the - <br />egular Session in the Council Chambers in. the City Hall, Monday January 13th, 1930 at the hour <br />lof"7:45 o'olock P. M. All Members present. President Fegan presided. The Minutes of, the <br />hree previous meetings were read and on motion of Councilman Nelson were referred to <br />he. Committee on the-Inspection and .Supervision of Minutes. Motion carried. <br />OMMUKICATION. <br />January 13th, 1930. <br />o: the Honorable Common Council of the City of South and: <br />Pursuant to Chapter 211, Page 705 and in particular Section 2 thereof., of the Acts of the <br />eneral Assembly of the State of Indiana for the year 1929, I hereby submit a surety bond <br />ssued tV the Metropolitan.casualty Insurance Company of New York in the amount of One Million <br />in* Hundred Eighteen Thousand Four Hundred Fifteen Dollars and Eighteen Cents ($1,916,415.18) "*. <br />,b ing one-half the amount colleoted during the year 1929 and constituting one -- half of the <br />receipts collected- said year under the Barrett Law, This .HDnd is being ;Subnitted' for approval <br />bit your Honorable Cody in aceprdance with thr law hereinabove mentioned. Respectfully, R. <br />ckermann,- City Controller . The Communication was accepted tv the Council. <br />FFICIAL PDRD OF RUDOLPH ACKERMAN, CITY COM$TROLLER. <br />. Ogficial BDnd > of Rudolph Aokermann, as Principal of the City of South Bend, Indiana, and.'-the <br /> Casualty Insurance Company as surety* are held` and firmly bound unto. the City' <br />f South Bend, in the State of Indiana, in the suns of. One Million, nine hundred eighteen, <br />housand, four hundred fifteen dollars 'and, eighteen cents (01,918,,415.18), to the payment of <br />hichis, well and truly to -be made, wo -bind ourselves, our heirs, '&Xeeutors.lw administrators, <br />ointly and severally, firmly -1y those presents., sealed with our seals, and signed IV us this <br />first day_of,Januaryo 1930 for a term of four years, from January th,, 1930, and until his <br />uccessor shall b& ­elected and qualified . Acknowledged by Rudolph Ackermann, Principal and <br />Elmer F. Abernethy and Howe S. Landers, bith Attorneys -in -fact for the Metropolitan Casualty <br />Insurance .Company, on the 7th day of January, 1930 f before Lulu W. Seates, Notary Public in <br />and for the County of St_. Joseph, State of Indiana. On Motion of Councilman' <br />Hull the . BDnd was accepted ley the Coune-il.- Motion. carried. <br />REPORT OF BOARD OF ZONING APPEALS FOR THE YEAR 19290 <br />REPORT OF CITY PLAN.COMMISSIOg FOR THE YEAR 1929. <br />The Reports were submitted to the Common Council tV Mr. Dalton Moomaw, Secretary for the <br />Hoard of Zoning Appeals and the City Plan Commission. ( See Files for reports) On Motion.of <br />Councilman Nelson the Report of Zoning Appeals was accepted and ordered to be placed on file. <br />x Motion Carried. On MOtion of Councilman Whiteman the Report of the City-Plan Commission was <br />accepted and ordered to be placed on file. Motion carried. <br />SPORT OF COMMITTEE ON MINUTES, <br />To the Common dam Council of the City of South Bend: <br />Your Committee on the Inspection and Supervision of the minutes, would respectfully report <br />that they have inspected the minutes. of the previous meeting, of the Coundii and found them <br />correct, R They therefore recommend that the same be approved. Otto A. Dyer, Geo. F. Hug, <br />Committee. South Band, Ind. Dec.' 9th, 1929. The report was accepted ty the Council. <br />SPORT OF COMMITTEE ON MINUTES OF SPECIAL MEETING. <br />Q the Common CounoIl of the City of South Band:. <br />Your-Committee on the inspection and Supervision of the Minutes, would respeogtfully report <br />that they have inspected the minutes of the previous meeting, of the Coundil and found them <br />correct They therefore recommend that the same be approved. Otto A, N Bayer, Geo. F. Hug, <br />Committee. South Band,.Ind. Dec, 75th, 1929. The report was accepted ly the Council. <br />REPORTOF THE COMMITTEE OF THE WHOLE. <br />To the:,Common Council of the City ofSouth Band: <br />War Committee of the: Whole to whom was referred A Petition to improve North. Wilber 8b . <br />rom Keller St. to Portage Ave, making it a Boulevard. Respectfully report thatthey have <br />examined the matter, and that in their opinion the said Petition should be reported favorable <br />and that an Ordinance be drawn., Lazarus Altfeld, Chairman. The report was accepted tV the <br />Council. <br />SPORT OF APPOINTMENT OF STANDING COMMITTEES. <br />sxx x�sazl� stksxzaamsazntxtkaxtzzdia gs&emmttta �. <br />Walter I. Fegan, president of the Common Council has selected the following committees <br />o function during the ensuing year: <br />ays and Means: John C.. Nelson, Chairman, Walter I. Fegan and George F. Hull. <br />treets, Alleys and Midges Lazarus'Altfeld, Chairman, Andrew Rokop and Earl S. Gustin. <br />ewers and Drains: Stephen Grszeskowiak, Chairman, Irvin W. Cripe and Griver D. Whiteman. <br />rievances: Joseph S. Jaworski, Chairman,, Lazarus Altfeld and Glen L. Oakley, <br />rdinances: John C, Hiss, Chairman, Andrew Rokop and Earl S. Gustin. <br />laims: Irvin W. Cripe, chairman, LAzarus Altfeld, Joseph S. Jaworski. <br />Pees and Salaries: Andrew Rokop, chairman, Glen L. Oakley, Joseph S. Jaworski. <br />lectlons: Grover D. Whiteman, Chairman, John C. Nelson and Irvin W. Cripe. <br />iseellaneous Basiness: Earl S. Gustin, Chairman, Grover D. Whiteman, Stephen Grzeskowiak. <br />U W c ' Improvements: Walter I. Fegan, - chairman, George F. Hull , . John C. Nelson. <br />raffia: George F. Hull, Chairman, John C, His Walter I. Fegan, <br />nspection of Minutes: Glen L. Oakley, chairman, Stephen Grzeskowiak, John C. Hiss. <br />laza Committee:,( Not a standing Committee) Special committee: John C. Neilson, George. Hull, <br />alter I. Fegan, Earl S. Gustin and .Lazarus Altfeld. <br />e report of standing Committees was accepted ly the Council. <br />See page 8) <br />