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December 15th. 1929. n�rraT. at �mT�rr*_ o` <br />MINUTES.. <br />1 it Remembered that the Common Council of the City of South Bend, Indiana Met in Speoial <br />Meeting in the Council Chambers of the City Hall., Monday evening December 155th, 1929 at the <br />hour of 8:45 A P. M. All Members present except Councilman A Whiteman. President Beyer <br />presided. <br />CALL <br />STATE OF INDIANA ) CALL FOR SPECIAL, MEETING <br />ST , JOSEPH COUNTY � SS � OF .THE . COMMO,N COUNCIL , <br />CITY OF SOUTH END <br />To the Members of the Common Council <br />of the City of South Band, Indiana <br />You are here kV notified that under and ly virtue of the authority by law vested in <br />me as Mayor of the City of - South Band, of -the State of Indiana, a special meeting of the <br />Common Council of said City is here ley called to meet' at the hour Of 8:00 o'clock P . M. on <br />Monday, December 35th,, 1929; or as soon thereafter as convenient following a meeting of the <br />Committee of the .Wh.ole .Council on said evening, for the purpose of receiAving and considering <br />the following entitnled ,ordinance: <br />An Ordinance appropriating the. sum of Fifty -four Thousand Dollars ($54,000.00) out of <br />the General Fund of the City of South end, Indiana, to the Department of Finance of said City <br />for the purpose of paying the installment and interest for 1929 upon reduction of assessments <br />for the Northwest Sewer. <br />Dated this 35 th day of December, 1929. <br />... . . • .Chester R. Montgomery <br />Mayor of the City of South Bend, Indiana. <br />Countersigned: <br />Gladys M. Monroe <br />City Clerk ( Official Seal) <br />The within .call came to hand this 35 day of December, 1929 which I served tV reading <br />the same to each, councilman, upon the date designated as <br />follows: <br />Casimer J6 Amanowski <br />on <br />December <br />36 , <br />1929. <br />Lazarus A. Alt f el d <br />on <br />December <br />35 , <br />1929. <br />Sidney Thornton <br />on <br />December <br />169 <br />1929• <br />George F., Rug <br />on <br />December <br />151- <br />1929. <br />George J. Zmudzinski <br />on <br />December <br />15 , <br />1929. <br />George S. Gall <br />on <br />December <br />1 , <br />1929. <br />-John. C, Nelson <br />on <br />December <br />-1 , <br />1929. <br />Otto `A. dyer . <br />on <br />December <br />1-, <br />1929. <br />and 4 leaving a dertified •cop.y thereof at the <br />.last and usual <br />place. of residence .of such <br />members as I was unable to find, -:as follows: <br />George F. Hull <br />on <br />December <br />16 , <br />1929.. <br />John B. Witwer <br />on <br />December <br />16 , <br />1929. <br />Walt -er I. Fegan . <br />on <br />Dec em ber <br />15 , <br />1929. <br />Grover D. Whiteman <br />on <br />December <br />.1 , <br />1929. <br />Dated this 35 day of December, 1929. <br />A D. A. Martin <br />Meni. ber , South Band Police Department. <br />The Report of the Call was accepted W the Council. <br />ORDINANCE NO. <br />An Ordinance appropriating the sum of Fifty -four Thousand Dollars ((;54,000.CO) out <br />of the General Fund of the City of South Bend, Indiana, to The Department of Finanoe of <br />said City for the Purpose of paying the Installment and Interest for 1929 upon Reduct ion <br />of Assessments for the Northwest Sewer, <br />The Ordinance was given its first-reading ty title, its second reading in full and <br />on Motion of Councilman Hull was referred to the Committee of the Whole, also that a Public <br />Hearing be held December 30th, 1929 at 7:30 o' clock P. M. Motion carried. <br />On. Motion of Councilman $ Nelson the Council adjourned at 8:55 o'clock P. M. <br />Motion Carried. <br />0. <br />ATTEST <br />LL <br />CLERK <br />APPROVED <br />PRESIDENT <br />