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le fir,n a <br /> � x <br /> x$65 <br /> CITY OF SOUTH BEND <br /> PETE BUTTIGIEG, MAYOR <br /> OFFICE OF THE MAYOR <br /> EXECUTIVE ORDER 12013. <br /> City of South Bend Ethics Code of January 1,2012 <br /> As Amended April 1`� 2013 <br /> An executive order having becii issued January 1, 2013 which established an Ethics Code <br /> for the City of South Bend,Indiana(the City),this Executive Order hereby amends the original <br /> Ethics Code and is made effective this �` day of April, 2013. <br /> This Ethics Code as amended will ensure that residents of the City continue to have officers, <br /> appointees, and employees adhering to an ethical standard that is consistent,transparent, <br /> understood, and most importantly, followed, in the Mayor's office and in the Departments and <br /> agencies throughout the city.New city employees are expected to read and acknowledge this <br /> Code during the hiring process. <br /> 1. An appointee or employee shall not knowingly solicit, accept, or receive a gift,favor, <br /> service, entertainment, food, drink,travel expense, or registration fee from a person who <br /> has a business relationship or seeks a business relationship with the appointee's or <br /> employee's agency or department, or is seeking to influence an action by the appointee or <br /> employee in his or her official capacity, or is regulated by the appointee or the employee's <br /> agency. <br /> 2. Notwithstanding section(1), an appointee or employee may accept: <br /> a. Any gift, favor, service, entertainment, food, drink,travel expense,or registration <br /> fee that has a value of less than Nifty Dollars ($50.00),provided that the appointee <br /> or employee does not knowingly solicit, accept, or receive gifts,favors;services, <br /> 1400 COUNTY-CITY BUILDING•227 W.JEFFERSON 13OULEVARD•SOUTH BEND,-INDIANA 46601 <br /> PHONE 574/235-9261 FAx 574/235-9892. <br />