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SDUT11 g <br /> 227 W.JEFFERSON BOULEVARD PHONE:574/235-9371 <br /> SurrE 1400 S. b o FAx:574/235-9021 <br /> SOUTH BEND,IN 46601-1830 y ACE <br /> x <br /> 1865 <br /> CITY OF SOUTH BEND PETE BUTTIGIEG,MAYOR <br /> COMMUNITY INVESTMENT <br /> SCOTT FORD,EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR <br /> September 3, 2014 <br /> Jeff Raney,Esq. <br /> Legal Division <br /> Indiana Department of Revenue <br /> 100 North Senate Avenue <br /> Indianapolis, IN 46204 <br /> Dear Jeff: <br /> The attached Annual Report is hereby filed with the Indiana Department of <br /> Revenue in accordance with Indiana Cade 36-7-32 for collection of incremental taxes as <br /> provided therein. The Annual Report contains the list of businesses and locations of such <br /> businesses within the City of South Bend, Indiana Certified Technology Park (Campus <br /> Site and Sample Street Site). We have also included the annual payroll information for <br /> the City of South Bend, Indiana Certified Technology Park for purposes of the <br /> incremental tax calculations. <br /> If you need further information, or have questions concerning the Annual Report, <br /> please call me at 574-235-9375 or email me at sford <br /> Sincerely, <br /> 10co <br /> Executive Director <br /> Department of Community Investment <br /> I <br /> PLANNING NEIGHBORHOOD ENGAGEMENT BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT ECONOMIC RESOURCES <br /> JIIIN KAIN PAXIELA C.MEYER CHRIS FIELDING DONALD E.INKS <br />