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PEACE <br />x ■ <br />1865 <br />City of South Bend <br />2013 Annual Financial Report <br />(formerly known as the City and Town Annual Report) <br />Please find enclosed the Annual Financial Report (AFR). The AFR is required to be completed by <br />each city and town in the State of Indiana on or before March 1 st. The report lists all receipts, <br />disbursements, and other activity for each fund. The AFR also provides a beginning and ending cash <br />balance for each fund that match the City Controller Report. Please contact John Murphy with any <br />questions. <br />Distribution Date: <br />Distribution To: <br />Council Members: <br />T. Scott <br />H. <br />Davis <br />V. Schey <br />F. <br />Ferlic <br />D. Varner <br />O. <br />Davis <br />D. Dieter <br />G. <br />Ferlic <br />K. White <br />City Clerk: <br />J. Voorde <br />Council Attorney: <br />K. Cekanski - Farrand <br />Mayoral Staff: <br />P. Buttigieg <br />M. Neal <br />K. Roos <br />B. Pawlowski <br />Controller Staff: <br />J. Murphy <br />R.Johnson <br />P. Price <br />C. Eastman <br />