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,:!; . V:p <br />October 9th,-19330 <br />REGULAR MEETING. <br />MINUTES. <br />Be it Remembered that the Common Council of the City of South Bend, Indiana, met in:_ <br />the Regular Session in the Council Chambers of the City,Hall_, Monday evening October 91h, 1933 <br />at the hour of 5:05 of clock P. M.' All_ Members present except Councilman Rokop. i� tmtjlaxxl <br />President Nelson presided. The Minutes of the previous meeting were read and on.Motion of <br />Councilman Hull were accepted as read.' Motion carried _ <br />REPORT OF-THE CITY PLAN COMMISSION. <br />Oct. 4. 1933• <br />To The Committee of the Whole of the Common Council. <br />City of South Bend, Ind. <br />M Gentlemen: - As a preliminary report on the matter of your communication of Sept. 25, regard <br />the occupancy of vacant lots on the South side of North Side Boulevard at Logan St. This <br />department wishes to state that it has already been working :on this matter for several weeks. <br />Prior to receiving your communication, Mr. Hamborsky had been notified not to receive any more <br />salvaged material but to work to the end of clearing up that location and vacating <br />that territory as a storage yard. <br />Already some headway has been,made in clearing up and this department will keep in touch with <br />his progress in that direction. Respectfully, D. Moomaw, Bldg. Comm. The report was accepted <br />by the Council. <br />REPORT OF CITY CLERKS CERTIFICATE OF PROOF OF POSTING OF NOTICE TO TAXPAYERS. <br />In the Matter of An Ordinance Transferring the sum of #100.00 from.-one Subdivision-to . <br />another Subdivision in the Department of Public-Health. <br />South Bend,. Indiana, October 9th, 19330 <br />I,- Gladys M.' Monroe, City Clerk of the City of South Bend, Indiana,. do hereby certify tha <br />a copy of the attached notice was posted September 28th, 1933_in the following places to -wit: <br />In the Corridor of.the City Hall, South -Bend, Indiana, In the Corridor of the COUTt House <br />South Bend, Indiana,: On Telephone Pole at :the South East Corner of Lincoln-Way, West, and Nort <br />Walnut Streets, South Bend,' Indiana, all being Public Places in said City. <br />In Witness Whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the Seal of the City. of South <br />Bend, Indiana, this 9th day of October, 1933- Gladys M. Monroe, City Clerk:` { Official Seal <br />The report was accepted by the and placed on file:'- Motion carried. <br />x��az�tl�ez3�et t�zxmfz$ nx0�ed$ aaa�sx�aans�eac�a�z�h�z�mmz�Zx ®�Z � ®xZ�z�z�A�Z��5.0�����¢�.z� <br />an.atkexzSubd tz :tzt onzlmx tksxBepsztgmntzefxftbltezffiea ltkz <br />REPORT OF THE COMMITTEE OF THE WHOLE. <br />To the Common Council of the City of South Bend: <br />Your Committee of the Whole to whom was referred A Petition concerning the .Removal of a <br />Lumber yard operated by A:: Hamborsky , known as Ham the Wrecker from North Side-Blvd, and 36th <br />Street, South Bend, Indiana, being.contrary to the Zoning Ordinance. Respectfully report that <br />they have examined the matter, and that in their opinion-the-said Petition should be-adopted <br />as per Report._of Building Commissioner. Jno. C. Hiss, Chairman.' The report was accepted by the <br />Council. _ <br />REPORT OF THE COMMITTEE OF THE WHOLE. <br />To the Common Council of the-City of South;Bend: <br />mmittee of the. Whole <br />Your Co- to -whom was referred An Ordinance Transferring the. sum- of <br />One Hundred Dollars (100.00i) from One Subdivision to another subdivision J in the Department <br />Public Realth Respectfully report that they have examined the matter, and that in their opini <br />the said Ordinance.should be reported Favorable. Jno. C. Hiss, Chairman. The report was accept <br />by the Council. <br />ORDINANCE NO. <br />An Ordinance Transferring the sum of Twelve Thousand Three Hundred Thirty -Five Dollars <br />and Seventy -Four Cents ($12,335•74) from the Department of Aviation to the General Fund of <br />the City of South Benda <br />The Ordinance was given its third reading by title and after a discussion with the Aviati <br />Commissioners and the Members of the Council, it,wag by Motion of Councilman Oripe held in the <br />Council until the Ways and Means Committee make a report to the Council. Motion carried. <br />ORDINANCE N0 30350 <br />An Ordinance Transferring the sum of One Hundred Dollars ($100.'00) from one Subdivision <br />to another Subdivision in the Department of Public Health: <br />The Ordinance was given its third reading by title, and was placed upon its passage and <br />passed by the following vote: Nelson, Whiteman, la ,Goetz, Hull., Jaworski, Altfeld, Hiss, <br />Oakley, Grzeskowiak, Cripe and Gustin, Ayes 22 11, Nays O..Ordinance adopted. <br />ORDINANCE NO. <br />An Ordinance amending Ordinance No. 2331 adopted by the Common Council of the City of <br />South Bend, Indiana, on June 25, 1923, commonly known as Zoning Ordinance. <br />The Ordinance was given its first reading by title, its second reading in full and on <br />Motion of Councilman Altfeld was referred to.the City Plan Commission to report back to the <br />Committee of the.Whole, also that a Public Hearing be held November 6th 1933 at 7 ;30 P• M• <br />Motion carried. <br />MOTION. Orally. made by Councilman Altfeld. <br />That the City Controller be instructed not to issue any more taxicab licenses until Mr. <br />Romig, City Attorney investigate the law,.Councilman Hiss amends said Motion that this <br />subject -be referred to the Committee of the Whole. Motion. carried. <br />On Motion of Councilman - Oakley the Council adjourned at 8:45 o'clock P. M#- Motion carried. <br />ATTEST <br />3 <br />T­04RK <br />APPRO�D <br />PRESIDENT <br />• <br />lit • <br />*I <br />