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Period Ending: December 31, 2018 <br />Issued By: Administration & Finance <br />City of South Bend <br />Annual Licensing & Fee Report <br />Page Contents <br />2 - 4 Summary - Revenue and Number Sold - 2009 thru 2018 <br />5 Analysis <br />6 Licensing & Fee Revenue - 2009 thru 2018 <br />6 Number of Licenses/Fees - 2009 thru 2018 <br />7 2018 Licensing & Fee Revenue by Type <br />Distribution <br />Mayor Pete Buttigieg <br />Chief of Staff Laura O'Sullivan <br />Deputy Chief of Staff Suzanna Fritzberg <br />Common Council <br />Department Heads <br />Fiscal Officers <br />Business License Administrator Michelle Adams <br />The City Controller shall provide a written "Annual Licensing & Fee Report" to the City of South Bend <br />Common Council. Attached is the report for the year ended December 31, 2018. The report provides a listing <br />of each licensing fee charged and includes a summary of revenue and number of licenses sold trends for the <br />years 2009 through 2018.